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Jubilee Furniture weekly post for Friday, August 9, 2013

My mom emailed me last Friday about the blog and wrote, “I miss your cheerful ramblings!” since for the last several weeks my Friday posts haven’t included any.

So, if you’ve liked my shorter intros and then going directly to photos – blame my mother and keep scrolling down.

However, if you – like my mom – have missed my rabbit trail lead-ins – then, this is your lucky day! 

Except – I got nothing this morning!  It’s been a hard week with several people I know dying, yet amazingly, two people I work with had babies this week too.  A wonderful reminder of the circle of life!  

Interestingly, the death part of this equation is often the story behind the furniture donated to Jubilee.  I’m always so grateful to family members who are coping with the loss of a loved one yet take the time and go to the trouble of donating furniture which is no longer needed. 

Which is a good segue into showing you photos of some of the furniture donated this week.  The store is open today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4.

JFC 08-09-12 001JFC 08-09-12 002JFC 08-09-12 003JFC 08-09-12 004JFC 08-09-12 005

beautiful trestle butcher block table priced $185; four wonderful old oak chairs with amazing needlepoint seats and cool medallions priced $160 for all four

JFC 08-09-12 006JFC 08-09-12 007JFC 08-09-12 008JFC 08-09-12 009

orange/red sofa in great condition though fabric is showing some wear – priced $100; matching chairs (also showing some wear) for $50 each; large off set umbrella – interior cord required to open and close the umbrella is broken – is priced $25

JFC 08-09-12 010JFC 08-09-12 011

smaller wingback chairs – both need to be cleaned – priced $50 each

JFC 08-09-12 012

narrow storage piece – priced $40

JFC 08-09-12 013

nice small storage table – reminds me of the furniture that used to be sold by Bombay Company – priced $60

JFC 08-09-12 014JFC 08-09-12 015

oval coffee table is priced $40; matching round end table for $30

JFC 08-09-12 016JFC 08-09-12 017

Room & Board two piece sleeper/sofa and chaise – I noticed a little pet hair and a few spots that need to be cleaned (though the color hides spots well) – priced $425

JFC 08-09-12 018

wonderful white wicker trunk priced $50

JFC 08-09-12 019

fabulous wingback/recliner – priced $135

JFC 08-09-12 020

amazing end table from Templeton for $80; chair is $125

JFC 08-09-12 021JFC 08-09-12 022

gorgeous retro five drawer chest of drawers priced $125

JFC 08-09-12 023JFC 08-09-12 024

sweet drop leaf, one drawer end table – just needs to be cleaned – priced $75

JFC 08-09-12 025JFC 08-09-12 026

unusual and neat glass and metal side table priced $85

JFC 08-09-12 027

sweet floral slipper chair for $35

JFC 08-09-12 028

we currently have lots o’floor lamps in the store (as well as tons of table lamps) – lamps are typically priced between $25 and $50 (with a few smaller ones cheaper and a few high-end lamps more expensive)

JFC 08-09-12 029JFC 08-09-12 030

I labeled this fantastic trunk as “cedar lined” but I’m not 100% sure it is cedar – regardless, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture – amazing detail that my photos don’t catch – priced $225

JFC 08-09-12 031JFC 08-09-12 032

there’s something about this simple oval table (no leaves) and four chairs that I love – there’s detail on the back of the chairs that doesn’t show up well in my photos and the seat fabric pattern is amazing – set is priced $145

JFC 08-09-12 033

desk with lighted hutch priced $60

JFC 08-09-12 034JFC 08-09-12 035

this is a wonderful dining set, nice and solid – but every piece needs to be cleaned and refinished – there’s a farm house style table, one bench and four chairs – priced $135 for the whole thing!

JFC 08-09-12 036

beautiful drop leaf table with lots of leaves (donor made extra leaves that don’t match but, hopefully, make the table longer) – priced $135

JFC 08-09-12 037JFC 08-09-12 038

totally fun vintage table with two leaves and six chairs – priced $125

JFC 08-09-12 039JFC 08-09-12 043JFC 08-09-12 040JFC 08-09-12 041

these Room & Board pieces are STRUCTUALLY in excellent condition and with one exception there are no rips (note second photo) – but they are very dirty – I wouldn’t call them stained – I would say they’re dirty.  Why does that matter?  I believe a dirty piece of furniture can be cleaned whereas something stained can not always be.  Sofa is priced $75; loveseat is $50 and ottoman is $20 (ottoman fabric shows the most wear of the three pieces)

JFC 08-09-12 044

I love the colors of this exceptionally clean and wonderful sofa which is priced $125

JFC 08-09-12 045JFC 08-09-12 046

another very nice sofa/chair set – upholstered in a milky tomato soup color micro-suede – only issue is both sit low to the ground (they have legs but they’re short) – sofa is priced $95; chair $50

If you’re now a little creeped out that you might be buying a dead person’s furniture – remember your purchase is helping area kids and families through the programs and services offered by Outreach Community Ministries.  As I share this with donors it’s not usual to get a response like,

“Oh, Grandma would be thrilled knowing her furniture is helping others!”

Also, remember you are the critical second part of the death/life equation when you purchase something from Jubilee, take it home and give it new life.

And that, dear reader, is how the furniture circle of life works!  It might not be as poignant as the human one but it still has value and you are impacting lives (to read a few of the stories of those helped visit Outreach’s sister site at Hearts of Grace).

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