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Jubilee Furniture weekly Friday post for August 23, 2013

I love almost any film which is based on true events and I borrowed one such movie this week from the library and watched it last night.  The title doesn’t really matter but as I think about why I like these movies a few things surface.

In a lot of these films there’s usually some negative event or situation which seems impossible to correct or change.  Then there’s the determined, scrappy, underdog main character who’s fighting regardless of how hopeless it seems.  Usually there’s one influential person who believes in and – often at significant cost to themselves – supports Scrappy.  The film ends with the two – along with a band of others they’ve acquired (usually an odd assortment of vastly different people who might never otherwise associate with each other) – overcoming all odds to right the wrong!

Sounds like fiction, correct?  Yet, yet…these are movies based on actual events!  These are people very much like me!  And no matter how corny or poorly acted – I am inspired.

Outreach Community Ministries – with the help of hundreds of volunteers, area churches and local businesses – is, daily, working to help individuals, couples and families overcome the hardships in their lives.  Outreach’s mission of restoring hope and providing opportunities to those most vulnerable in DuPage County, Illinois is quietly – with limited funds – doing just that.  Restoring hope/providing opportunities.

As one of the social enterprises at Outreach – Jubilee Furniture is raising money through the selling of quality, used furniture to help support the programs and services at Outreach.  With limited store hours (Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4) – thanks to our amazing customers – Jubilee Furniture is helping to make a difference in the lives of those most in need in our area.

What follows are photos of SOME of the new-to-us furniture which was donated this week.  For every photo – there are many other similar pieces at similar prices available for purchase.

JFC 08-23-13 001JFC 08-23-13 002

fabulous mid-century modern two piece china cabinet in excellent condition – priced $135

JFC 08-23-13 003JFC 08-23-13 004

gorgeous round Ashley Furniture coffee table priced $135

JFC 08-23-13 005JFC 08-23-13 006

wonderful rolling buffet with heat-resistant top for ease in serving hot dishes – priced $95

JFC 08-23-13 007JFC 08-23-13 008

Canadel brand oval table with one leaf and six chairs – some dings in the paint on the chairs – priced $325 for the set

JFC 08-23-13 009JFC 08-23-13 010

fantastic Bassett two piece sectional in excellent condition – priced $395

JFC 08-23-13 011JFC 08-23-13 012JFC 08-23-13 013JFC 08-23-13 015

Beautyrest extra long twin mattress with Leggett & Platt power foundation (both head and feet incline) – retails for around $1,600 – Jubilee Furniture price is $800 and we have two of them (both priced $800 each and they are LIKE NEW –if you bought ‘em both it would be like getting two for the price of one!) which you could put together to form a king size bed.  Donor also donated sheets.

JFC 08-23-13 016JFC 08-23-13 017

Bauhaus oversized chair for $85; matching Bauhaus sofa priced $135 – both in good condition

JFC 08-23-13 018JFC 08-23-13 021JFC 08-23-13 022JFC 08-23-13 023

I’m terribly excited about a new connection with a number of showroom managers at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago!  These two aluminum outdoor tables measure 36” across are from Lane Venture and retail for approximately $1,200 each.  They are solid, lovely tables with umbrella openings.  One has a flat edge the other a slant-in edge (can you see what I mean in the second photo?).  I’m sorry I didn’t dust them before taking these photos!  Priced $175 each

JFC 08-23-13 024JFC 08-23-13 025

As wonderful as my new relationship with the Merchandise Mart is – you know my heart will always belong to Room & Board who – week in and week out – fill our truck with furniture goodness!  This four piece Room & Board sectional needs to be thoroughly cleaned and there’s one small area where the piping cord is coming out – priced $125

JFC 08-23-13 026JFC 08-23-13 027

this week R&B also donated a large bag of 18” square down-filled pillow forms which we’re selling for $8 each

JFC 08-23-13 028JFC 08-23-13 029

lovely upholstered chairs – priced $85 each

JFC 08-23-13 030JFC 08-23-13 031

amazing Lazboy rocker/recliner – this is a LARGE chair – in excellent condition (leather is not as red as this photo reads) – priced $145

JFC 08-23-13 032JFC 08-23-13 033

lovely ONE piece china cabinet priced $125

JFC 08-23-13 034JFC 08-23-13 035

fabulous square coffee table with protective glass top – priced $155

JFC 08-23-13 036JFC 08-23-13 037

so sweet painted round table priced $135

JFC 08-23-13 038JFC 08-23-13 039

two rolling chairs in great condition priced $30 each

JFC 08-23-13 040JFC 08-23-13 041

fun side chairs in a shiny fabric with polka-dots!  Seat cushions are extra firm.  Priced $40 each

JFC 08-23-13 042JFC 08-23-13 043

wonderful wardrobe – priced $125

JFC 08-23-13 044JFC 08-23-13 045

this butcher-block top oak pedestal table was never used!  Priced $250

JFC 08-23-13 046JFC 08-23-13 047

sofa in excellent condition – except for a darkening of the fabric along two of the top back cushions – priced $65

JFC 08-23-13 048JFC 08-23-13 049

cool, large glass and wood coffee table priced $75

JFC 08-23-13 050JFC 08-23-13 051

swivel floral chair for $50

JFC 08-23-13 052JFC 08-23-13 053

fabulous oval table, two leaves and six chairs – in wonderful condition – priced $225

JFC 08-23-13 054JFC 08-23-13 055

Bassett two piece china cabinet – priced $125

JFC 08-23-13 056JFC 08-23-13 057

lovely moss-green camel back sofa for $95

JFC 08-23-13 058JFC 08-23-13 059

we have LOTS of table lamps in the store right now – prices vary between $15 and $35

JFC 08-23-13 060JFC 08-23-13 061

Tim – my in-house art specialist – priced and hung tons of artwork yesterday.  Framed prints are usually priced between $15 and $25.  Original paintings are priced higher

Would you – dear reader – consider joining our rag-tag band of people who are working to make a difference in DuPage County by shopping at our store or making an online donation?

They might never make a movie about us – but that doesn’t mean we can’t live inspired lives.  Determined?  Check.  Scrappy?  Check.  Middle-aged underdog?  Check and score!

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