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Jubilee Furniture weekly update for Friday, July 12, 2013

The day before my son’s wedding (which if you remember was a week ago yesterday – July 4th) I had my very first manicure and pedicure.  For my manicure I chose a simple pink color for a natural – but polished – look (did you see my wee pun there?  I got my nails polished for a polished look!).

I’ve always been transparent about my age (54) and some of you – especially you young’uns – might be amazed that I’ve never had a mani/pedi before and I’ve been thinking about it for the last week and have decided it’s a generational thing.

Though there was – I’m guessing here – probably one woman getting her nails done when I was there who was older than me – the rest of the clientele (and the place was packed) were all 35 and younger.

Not wanting to generalize too much – but my theory is no one who was raised by parents who lived through the depression (granted my mom was only a child but her parents/my grandparents were right in the thick of it) wants to pay money for something that looks like this one week later!

JFC 07-12-13 036

True, I do a lot of physical work which might be why my manicure didn’t last and this week we had an unusually large amount of furniture to arrange to add to my polish woes…

…but what was bad for my nails is great for anyone looking for amazing furniture at unbelievable prices!  What follows are photos of SOME of what was donated this week.  Our store hours are Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4.

JFC 07-12-13 001JFC 07-12-13 002

this is a gorgeous Stoneville Furniture Co. oval glass top table with six black chairs (leather-like fabric but I don’t think it’s really leather) priced $295

JFC 07-12-13 003JFC 07-12-13 004

this Walter E. Smithe two piece sectional has some minor wear but otherwise is in great condition – priced $195

JFC 07-12-13 005JFC 07-12-13 006

two matching retro dressers both in excellent condition and both priced $95 (each)

JFC 07-12-13 007JFC 07-12-13 008

these comfy brown pieces have some spots and fabric worn areas but are a great color – the loveseat is $50; sofa is priced $65

JFC 07-12-13 009

great mushroom/tannish color sofa by Smithe Craft priced $145

JFC 07-12-13 010JFC 07-12-13 011

this two piece sectional from Room & Board is majorly faded along the top, back and side – but structurally in excellent shape (plus the fabric has no rips or stains) – priced $135

JFC 07-12-13 012JFC 07-12-13 013

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous (and did I tell you this is a gorgeous piece already?) – FIVE piece oak storage wall unit priced $355

JFC 07-12-13 014

very nice king size head board, foot board and side rails (not assembled in this photo) priced $125; USED king size mattress and box spring is also priced $125

JFC 07-12-13 015JFC 07-12-13 016JFC 07-12-13 017

amazing vintage table, 3 leaves, 6 chairs and table pads – all for $125 – overall in great condition, you definitively need to recover seat cushions and clean ‘er up but structurally in excellent shape; matching china cabinet is also in great shape and is priced $75

JFC 07-12-13 020

sweet slipper chair for $50

JFC 07-12-13 018JFC 07-12-13 019

lovely floral artwork priced $50 each (original price was $254.99 – at least I think that’s what the second photo shows but it’s a bit small for my eyes!)

JFC 07-12-13 021

four great oak swivel bar stools priced $100 for all of ‘em

JFC 07-12-13 022

lovely maple dresser priced $75

JFC 07-12-13 023

beautiful muted colors on this camel-back sofa in excellent condition which is priced $145

JFC 07-12-13 024JFC 07-12-13 025

this metal top rolling buffet is AMAZING – priced $145

JFC 07-12-13 026

3 piece sectional – some spots and cushions need to be adjusted (all of them are sort of lumpy/bumpy) – priced $95

JFC 07-12-13 027JFC 07-12-13 028

two piece sectional by Morgan Stewart in excellent condition priced $195; round oak pedestal coffee table is $65

JFC 07-12-13 029JFC 07-12-13 030JFC 07-12-13 031JFC 07-12-13 032

this is a really unique and cool dining set which includes a round wood top table with a wrought iron base; one leaf (which when added to the table would make it an oval) and six chairs – by Hamilton & Spill – priced $195; baker’s rack wooden shelves seems to have a different color stain than the dining set (just a FYI) and is priced $95

JFC 07-12-13 033

wonderful table with four chairs priced $135

JFC 07-12-13 034

great set of four metal chairs with upholstered seats priced $100 for all of them

JFC 07-12-13 035

sweet table and four chairs for $95

Now to be completely fair – my toenails still look great (possibly because I don’t move furniture and wash dishes with ‘em?) and overall the experience was pleasant (I was a little worried that I wasn’t doing it quite right – I never seemed to know when to lift my foot up and when to put it back in the water and it took me a while to figure out all the buttons for the massage chair I was sitting in) – but I doubt it will become a regular thing for me.

That said, I want you to know whether you can’t live without your manicure or you’d never dream of spending the money, you are welcome – just as you are – at Jubilee Furniture!

‘Cause – dear reader – that’s the way we shine! Winking smile

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