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Jubilee Furniture weekly update for July 26, 2013

Teresa and I had finished taking photos last night and were walking from the back dock area to the front to leave and every couple of steps I kept saying, “Oh wait! I wanted to take a photo of that.  It’s so cool and I love it!”

This week the store is CHOCKED full of amazing – and unique – items so I hope you can stop by and check it out either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find*:

JFC 07-26-13 001JFC 07-26-13 002JFC 07-26-13 003JFC 07-26-13 004

this is an amazing sofa/narrow bed that slides under a table (there are wheels on one end of the sofa so that you when lift the other end you can easily pull it out from under the table).  The black pleather is in excellent condition and there’s one back cushion also in excellent condition.  I couldn’t find a name anywhere – but it’s a cool vintage piece and is priced $135

JFC 07-26-13 005JFC 07-26-13 006

this Bassett micro-fiber sofa needs some spot cleaning and there a small tear on one back corner – but otherwise is very nice – priced $165

JFC 07-26-13 007JFC 07-26-13 008JFC 07-26-13 009JFC 07-26-13 010

what a lovely set by Hillcraft – all the pieces are in excellent condition – loveseat is priced $185; matching sofa for $245; neat pedestal coffee table is $55; wingback chair for $125

JFC 07-26-13 011JFC 07-26-13 012

GORGEOUS Marshall Field’s chaise – in excellent condition – priced $225

JFC 07-26-13 013JFC 07-26-13 014

this is a way cool glass and brass table and the middle section is a leaf you can remove to make the table smaller (I’ve never seen a glass dining table with a leaf!) and is priced $325; great wooden chairs are $20 each

JFC 07-26-13 015JFC 07-26-13 016JFC 07-26-13 017

this chair has seen better days – but still an iconic style – priced $35

JFC 07-26-13 018JFC 07-26-13 019

lovely day bed with trundle – priced $135 (note: one of the corner knobs is broken); two twin size mattresses – $65 each

JFC 07-26-13 020JFC 07-26-13 021

amazing Bodart secretary – with lovely double grilled doors – priced $495

JFC 07-26-13 023JFC 07-26-13 024

two sweet nightstands by Kindle – both with double grilled doors though one door is missing a piece of wire – $75 for the one in better condition and $50 for the one with the missing wire

JFC 07-26-13 025JFC 07-26-13 026

beautiful large dresser with mirror also by Kindle priced $395

JFC 07-26-13 027JFC 07-26-13 028

wonderful Lane brand leather desk chair – alas is ripped along back edge of chair – priced $50

JFC 07-26-13 029JFC 07-26-13 030

this futon reminds me of furniture I’ve seen in the Pottery Kids catalog – but I couldn’t find a label anywhere – still it’s a wonderful sofa/futon with locker-like drawers underneath – all in excellent condition and priced $225

JFC 07-26-13 031JFC 07-26-13 032

sweet painted desk priced $60

JFC 07-26-13 033JFC 07-26-13 034

two Kent Coffey small dressers priced $125 each

JFC 07-26-13 035

wonderful micro-fiber sofa priced $185

JFC 07-26-13 036

excellent Thomasville sofa for $225

JFC 07-26-13 037

Thomasville chair and ottoman are somewhat worn and priced $135

JFC 07-26-13 038JFC 07-26-13 039

two Pembrook chairs – both need some spot cleaning – priced $85 each

JFC 07-26-13 040

eight drawer dresser – nice but the drawer sides are plastic (only see them when you pull out the drawers) priced $80

JFC 07-26-13 041

this might be my favorite piece this week – sweet green painted round side table priced $50 (can’t see it in this photo – but there are accents of painted gold on the legs)

JFC 07-26-13 042

wonderful – smaller/shorter – curio cabinet priced $125

JFC 07-26-13 043

lovely table with three leaves; 6 chairs and table pads – three of the six chairs have broken caning – priced $140 for the set

JFC 07-26-13 044

square glass top table with two chairs priced $60 for set

JFC 07-26-13 045JFC 07-26-13 046

fabulous two piece retro china cabinet by Basic-Witz – priced $95

JFC 07-26-13 047JFC 07-26-13 048

oh wait – I forgot about this amazing piece which might be my favorite! – Ball & Ball gorgeous buffet priced $225

JFC 07-26-13 049

I also love this truck which is priced $165

JFC 07-26-13 050

and finally here’s a gorgeous glass and brass sofa/entry table priced $135; on either side are two sweet chairs on wheels – which need to be cleaned but I love the melon color – priced $20 each

And that, dear reader, is this week’s post!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an excellent weekend!

*technically you’ll only find all of these things if you come in today at 1:00 p.m. when we first open.  After that – since many of the pieces will probably have sold – they won’t be there or won’t be available.  Sorry!

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