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Jubilee Furniture weekly update for Friday–April 19, 2013

Wow – what a week it’s been!  Bombings in Boston and flooding in Chicagoland.  It’s at times like this I have nothing to offer but my sincere, heartfelt, sorrow and sadness at how challenging life can be.  I’m truly sorry for whatever you might be going through.  Thankfully, most reading this blog have the financial and emotional resources to help get them through.

What about those who have neither?  Who will help?  Case workers at the Outreach Community Center in Carol Stream, Wheaton Youth Outreach in Wheaton and Warrenville Youth and Family Services in – you guessed it – Warrenville are ready to meet with folks in their community to see what assistance is available.  Minimally, they can listen and provide emotion support – which is huge when you feel completely alone and overwhelmed.

Choosing to shop at a place like Jubilee Furniture shows your desire to be a part of the solution to help those most in need in DuPage County.  Though you might never meet the people impacted by your purchase – the proceeds of everything we sell are directly helping area kids and families through the programs and services offered by Outreach Community Ministries.

Additionally, you go home with a great piece of quality used furniture at a good price!  What follows are photos of some of the new-to-us items available for purchase today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4.

JFC 04-19-13 010

this is a rust and beige checked sofa – comfy – but the trim is fraying along the edges which to me means either a slipcover or a reupholstery job – both fairly expensive – so the cost of the sofa is only $40

JFC 04-19-13 011

one of my volunteers thought this was a Victorian barber chair – the back is adjustable and you can even lay it flat (so the person sitting in it would be lying flat – know what I mean?).  Very cool.  In excellent condition though the cushions need to be cleaned.  Priced $195

JFC 04-19-13 012JFC 04-19-13 013JFC 04-19-13 014

I hope by now you know me to be as transparent as possible about the used furniture we sell at Jubilee – I see no value in selling you something without revealing whatever issues there might be with a piece.  So, here’s my full disclosure and best guess on this massive dresser.  I think the drawers were installed upside down.  Trust me when I say they are truly installed well – nice runners and open and close just fine – but the fronts look off to me (like they’re upside down).  Yesterday when we were arranging – someone thought it looked like an Alice in Wonderland piece.  It’s in great condition and provided tons of storage but…  Trying to make it resistible to someone I priced it $65

JFC 04-19-13 015

this is a fabulous black leather sofa that is very comfortable (I wanted to take a short nap on it!) – only problem is the kitty claw marks on it.  Priced $125

JFC 04-19-13 016

very nice blue floral sofa priced $95

JFC 04-19-13 017

cream colored loveseat – needs to be cleaned – priced $95

JFC 04-19-13 018

fabulous side chair for $65

JFC 04-19-13 019

another fabulous side chair also priced $65

JFC 04-19-13 020

excellent upholstered side chair – needs to be cleaned – priced $85

JFC 04-19-13 021JFC 04-19-13 022

I love the flared lines on these two pieces – alas both have significant fading and the sofa has some wear.  Chair is priced $40; sofa is $60

JFC 04-19-13 023JFC 04-19-13 024

oh my, this is a gorgeous Italian tea cart with inland wood priced $195

JFC 04-19-13 025

what a bad photo!  Look at the piece in the foreground – it’s a 6’ long and 16” deep sofa or entry table and there’s a matching coffee table in the background that, I didn’t realize, sorta merges in this photo with the first piece.  Anyway, the sofa table is priced $195 and it’s beautiful! Coffee table follows.

JFC 04-19-13 026

lovely coffee table priced $135

JFC 04-19-13 027

wonderful table with one leaf and four rolling chairs priced $165

JFC 04-19-13 028

lovely antique dresser for $155

JFC 04-19-13 029

super amazing coffee table with hinged sides priced $225

JFC 04-19-13 030JFC 04-19-13 031JFC 04-19-13 032

this Century brand dining room set is about 25 years old but in excellent condition– there’s a table with two leaves and eight chairs priced $895; buffet is $395; and lighted one piece china cabinet is $495

JFC 04-19-13 033

cool retro dresser with mirror – some of the drawers needs some WD-40 cause they’re sticking – priced $175

JFC 04-19-13 034

wonderful sofa – needs to be cleaned – priced $165

JFC 04-19-13 035

Hufford Furniture Co. chair and ottoman – love the legs – both pieces are faded but otherwise in excellent condition priced $125

JFC 04-19-13 036JFC 04-19-13 037

lovely glass topped table with three chairs – wicker and wrought iron – priced $175 for the set

JFC 04-19-13 038

sweet pine drop leaf table for $125; armless chairs are $30 each and one armed chair is $45

JFC 04-19-13 039JFC 04-19-13 040

wicker make-up table with chair are priced $65 for the set – some nail polish on the glass top and on some of the wicker

JFC 04-19-13 041JFC 04-19-13 042

IKEA writing desk priced $70

Whatever you’re facing today, dear reader – please know I’m praying for perseverance, strength and peace.

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