Home » » “When you’ve lost something, your pocket is the place you need to look at least six or seven hundred times.” George Carlin

“When you’ve lost something, your pocket is the place you need to look at least six or seven hundred times.” George Carlin

I’m a little old school in that I’ve used a large calendar that hangs on my refrigerator to record appointments and mark friends and family birthdays and special events for years and years and years (and years). 

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against technology and would happily keep my calendar on my phone – IF – I had a phone that could do stuff like that.  Alas, I don’t.

My secret Santa – who was my husband this year – knows this about me and so one of my gifts in the week leading up to Christmas was a perfect 2013 calendar for the fridge.

It’s a largish calendar and I had it sitting out when we got a call about a house showing (our house is on the market).  In my straightening, cleaning frenzy I tucked my calendar…somewhere.

Can you guess where this is going?  On January 1st I went in search of my new calendar so I could transfer birthday information from my old one and mark in some appointments I had and I couldn’t find that stinkin’ calendar anywhere! I have torn my house apart looking for it – remember it’s not small – to no avail.  I have woken in the middle of the night with a thought of a new place I might have stashed it – but never there.  I’m going a little crazy looking for this calendar and I’m too stubborn to just go out and buy another when I have a perfectly good one…somewhere in my house! 

You’d be crazy not to check out all the amazing stuff currently for sale at Jubilee Furniture today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4!  What follows are photos of some of the pieces donated this week:

JFC 01-11-13 001
2 piece sectional – some fabric pulls and needs to be cleaned – priced $85

JFC 01-11-13 002JFC 01-11-13 003
lovely metal and glass side table priced $125

JFC 01-11-13 004JFC 01-11-13 005
amazing cream colored micro-suede rocker – there are a couple of spots that need cleaning – priced $145

JFC 01-11-13 006
black leather sofa by Home Life priced $95

JFC 01-11-13 007JFC 01-11-13 008
wonderful entry or sofa table priced $135

JFC 01-11-13 009
this is a really cool piece of furniture – first note the fun yellow and blue color of the fabric; second the fabric looks like leather, but it isn’t it’s a great textured material; third – after pulling out the yellow seat section, the blue back flips down and it becomes a bed!  All this amazingness for only $195

JFC 01-11-13 010JFC 01-11-13 011
we received brand new directors chairs – some taller – the regular ones are priced $20 each and the taller $35

JFC 01-11-13 012
two great painted bookcases priced $60 each

JFC 01-11-13 013JFC 01-11-13 014
I couldn’t get a good photo of this Berne sofa which is in excellent condition and priced $125

JFC 01-11-13 015JFC 01-11-13 016
this is a gorgeous burled walnut cabinet with amazing wire screen – only issue is there are no shelves – still fabulous and priced $185

JFC 01-11-13 017JFC 01-11-13 018
beautiful king-size head board, foot board and side rails prices $375

JFC 01-11-13 019
this two piece sectional has a sleeper part to it – in fine condition – priced $95

JFC 01-11-13 020JFC 01-11-13 021
however this Ralph Lauren 2 piece sectional has stains and rips and needs to be reupholstered or purchase a slip cover – yet excellent structurally – priced $60

JFC 01-11-13 022
fabulous retro side chair in like new condition priced $65

JFC 01-11-13 023
two metal with wooden seats chairs priced $20 each; butcher block table with chrome legs is $55

JFC 01-11-13 024
wonderful multi-piece Pottery Barn Kids storage unit with desk – needs to be refinished or painted, very nicked up – so priced $125 for everything!

JFC 01-11-13 025
great rolling table with adjustable legs and glass top priced $175; three drawer rolling storage piece for $85; gray and chrome stackable chairs on either end are priced $15 each

JFC 01-11-13 026
wonderful IKEA kitchen island with lots of storage though wood top needs to be refinished – priced $135

JFC 01-11-13 027
great wicker chaise with cushions priced $60

JFC 01-11-13 028
wicker bookcase is $35

JFC 01-11-13 029JFC 01-11-13 030
great desk priced $65

JFC 01-11-13 031
matching two drawer lateral file cabinet is $35

JFC 01-11-13 032JFC 01-11-13 033
two Burke Inc. vintage chairs in excellent condition are priced $75 each

I feel surprisingly lost without my morning glance at what the day, week and month hold and I’ve already missed one friend’s birthday.  Can forgetting to shower and wearing my clothes inside out be far behind, dear reader?  Me thinks not.

Oh where, oh where are you, Calendar?

January 29, 2013 update: finally gave up on finding the calendar I carefully put away and bought a new one.  My husband swears I must have thrown the first one out - but I sorta can't believe I'd do that but - who knows? - maybe I did!  Certainly can't find it anywhere in my house!
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