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New Year, New to You Furniture!

Hi Everyone- this is Joy. Susan's Christmas present from me is a night off from blogging!  I saw Susan at Jubilee this afternoon where she was pricing some great new donations to Jubilee.  Remember Jubilee is open on Fridays from 1-8 and Saturdays 9-4. 

This great pine coffee table is not only looks great, but it also offers practical storage! Perfect for storing your cozy blankets inside the table and holding mugs of hot chocolate on the top. $75.

Teaching a group of children?  This is Mahor Scalloped Horseshoe Table is perfect for gathering of your closest, littlest friends. It has adjustable legs to adjust to the correct height.  There are 2 tables in great condition and 1 that is needs some TLC.  These tables measure 60x66 inches and retail for over $300.  The Jubilee price?  Only $195!

Great Cochrane plaid couch and loveseat.  The couch has some issues ($65) and the loveseat is great ($125). 

This is a very unique double bench!  Would be great in a playroom or outside in a garden.  To me this bench is begging for a fun paint job in a bright color.  I don't think Susan had priced this yet when I took pictures, so you'll have to come in to find out the price- (hope you are intrigued!).

 This creamy yellow six-piece sectional will allow you multiple seating options. Please note some cushions are missing. $85.00

A loooonnnnggg 4-piece black sectional- just great for watching football playoffs. $135.

Very cool art deco chest of drawers- $245.

 My flash did strange things to this photo, so I'm not sure if this sleeper sofa is black or plum... $95.

 Square coffee table for $20.

Susan is pretty sure this side chair is from Room&Board- $85. Please note the scuffing on the arms.

A chair Susan is certain is from Room&Board- $135.  This is in excellent condition.

Comfy tan loveseat- $40.  Has some fabric stains and piping issues.

This is the big find of the week: Henry Link furniture!  It's a lovely light green color, but Henry Link bamboo furniture is known for being easy to paint- so you can customize it to fit your household color pallet.  5 drawer dresser for $145, 6 drawer dresser for $165, bookcase for $175, 3 drawer dresser for $95.  

Klaussner white microfiber 2-piece sectional (sofa and chaise).  Needs some spot cleaning but in great condition structurally. $195.


 And for you DIYers, these awesome cafe chairs for only $4!  Note the some of the backs are different, but that would make for a very eclectic look.  Here's a great tutorial about how to paint and recover a chair. 

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