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Tuesday's customer inspiraiton - Naomi's stunning chair makeover!

Wow - what a makeover I have for you today!  I'm so excited - obviously so much so that I failed to tell you what Tuesday customer inspiration is all about (in case you aren't familiar with it).

Every Tuesday - if my wonderful customers take the time to snap a photo or two of something they've purchased from Jubilee Furniture and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org - I show you said photo(s) with the hopes of inspiring you to see used furniture in a new and creative way.  Not every post is a complete makeover - many of the things at Jubilee Furniture are fabulous just the way they are - but wait until you see what Naomi did to a very sad chair she found at the store.

Here's her email:

Hi!  I had been looking for a cute chair for my "crafting nook" to no avail (I didn't have much to spend, that always slows me down!) - I found your blog/website and was excited to read about what you do for the community AND some of the cute makeovers your customers had done.

My husband and I have a few goodwill finds we had made over - mostly painting furniture - but I hadn't done a chair before - so stepping into the store on Saturday, we were looking for something CHEAP (so if I ruined it it would be no big loss!) - we found the perfect chair FOR $5.50!  And took it home for a makeover!

I found some clearance fabric at Wal-Mart, so total, the project was less than $45!

So attached is my picture of the makeover (I saw you were asking for inspiration posts), I hope to come visit again soon for more furniture :)

I cannot believe how someone - with what sounds like no re-upholstery skills - was able to create a multi-fabric job with contrasting trim!  Wow. So. Impressed.  The chair looks amazing!

Thanks to Naomi for turning our ugly duckling chair into a swan!

Stay warm, dear reader!  See you back here on Friday!
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