Home » » long hours + no fun = cranky, crabby, peevish, peckish me (though not anymore in case I’m scaring you and you’ll never ever enter Jubilee Furniture!)

long hours + no fun = cranky, crabby, peevish, peckish me (though not anymore in case I’m scaring you and you’ll never ever enter Jubilee Furniture!)

The last few weeks I’ve been working a million hours (give or take an hour *smile*).  Things at Jubilee Furniture are so busy that I find myself doing nothing but working and then going home and eating and immediately going to bed.  Though in some ways it’s wonderful (store’s doing really well and my boss loves our high sales) – it’s not healthy for me. 

Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do – but when I don’t have time to take care of: myself (I need alone time and especially love to read), my house (order is very important to me and though I’m not a super neat-freak – I like a fairly clean house), and family and friend connections – I begin to resent work and the sound of a ringing phone makes me snarl.

Recognizing I was running on empty (do you remember that song?), this week I’ve deliberately stopped worrying about completing every last thing on my desk and left work at a normal hour.  I got my hair cut and went home and colored it (oops, cat’s out of the bag if you thought my hair color was natural!).  I’ve had some great conversations with my husband and my son (my daughter and I keep missing each other – but we had a funny text exchange – my, how times have changed!) – and I feel human again!

And ready to have a fabulous weekend at Jubilee Furniture!  Remember we’re open today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4!  We’ll also be open next Friday and Saturday (two days after Thanksgiving) our normal store hours (so add us to your crazy list of places you’re going to shop at).

Here’s what’s “new”!

JFC 11-18-11 001

great plaid oversize sofa $185

JFC 11-18-11 002

swivel rocker $55

JFC 11-18-11 003

this is a very nice leather sofa – but probably wasn’t super expensive to begin with (unlike a couple of other pieces we received for donation this week) – priced $195

JFC 11-18-11 004JFC 11-18-11 005

this leather set is in good condition and very comfortable – chair and ottoman are priced $145; matching loveseat is $195

JFC 11-18-11 006JFC 11-18-11 007

here’s a lovely sofa and loveseat by Rowe – photos don’t show how much both of these pieces need to be cleaned – sofa is priced $50; loveseat $30

JFC 11-18-11 008

fun curved two pieced, loose pillow back sectional by Style Line – priced $75

JFC 11-18-11 009

amazing oak and upholstered two person rocker for $175

JFC 11-18-11 010

here’s a top-of-the-line leather sofa in excellent – like new – condition priced $595

JFC 11-18-11 011

this two piece sectional is microfiber and should clean up well (and it needs cleaning) and both ends are wall-hugging recliners priced $195

JFC 11-18-11 012

great retro melon-color side chair for $30

JFC 11-18-11 013JFC 11-18-11 014

cool vintage sofa and loveseat in wonderful condition except both pieces need to be cleaned (not sure what’s with all the needs to be cleaned stuff we got in – maybe because I ask about stains and there are no stains on either piece but instead just overall wear/dirt?) loveseat is priced $35; matching sofa for $50

JFC 11-18-11 015

no cleaning needed on this gorgeous sofa priced $195

JFC 11-18-11 016

two great wingback chairs priced $95 each

JFC 11-18-11 017

this is a fabulous McCreary sofa – but it’s faded and also needs to be cleaned (you starting to hear a theme in today’s post?) and is priced $30

JFC 11-18-11 018

great brown sofa (note the cool shape of the back) priced $95

JFC 11-18-11 019

green slip-covered sofa priced $65

JFC 11-18-11 020

two Pottery Kids flower rugs – larger one is priced $15; smaller one $8

JFC 11-18-11 021JFC 11-18-11 022

amazing bedroom set by Crane & MacMahon – there’s a tall five drawer chest priced $125; six drawer dresser with mirror for $95; nightstand (only one of ‘em) priced $35

JFC 11-18-11 023JFC 11-18-11 024JFC 11-18-11 025

here’s another great set – this time by Fancher Furniture – with includes: two nightstands priced $40 each; tall armoire/chest for $95; long low dresser with mirror for $125

JFC 11-18-11 026

great three drawer dresser for $50

JFC 11-18-11 027

excellent twin size captain’s bed for $195

If you – like me – have found yourself all work and no play then I hope you’ll stop in at the furniture store where a warm welcome, free cookies and 30,000 square feet of fantastic furniture will recharge your battery and renew your sense of adventure and delight!

Until Tuesday customer inspiration – blessings to you, dear reader!

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