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Repurpose, restore and recycle–it all happens, in multiple ways, at Jubilee Furniture!

Greetings and welcome to the Jubilee Furniture blog where each Friday I show you some of the new-to-us furniture which we’ve received for donation that week. 

30,000 square feet of showroom/warehouse is a lot of space to fill and – though, obviously, we don’t sell everything in the store every week – our inventory is different enough when we open each Friday (from 1 to 8) and Saturday (from 9 to 4) to warrant a look-see – if you’re so inclined and schedule allows  - and the purpose of the blog is to help you make that decision.

A less mentioned – but equally important – purpose of the blog is to get word out about contacting us if you – or someone you know – has quality, used furniture to donate.  There’s an easy donation submission form you can complete online here or you can phone me or Warehouse Manger, Dan Snyder at (630) 337-1467.  A list of what we, most politely, do not accept for donation is shown here.  Dan and Jubilee Furniture Truck Assistant, Chris Jackson, are out making donation pickups every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We do ask that all items for donation be in a position in your home or office where the guys can move them out without encountering stairs and everything donated to Jubilee Furniture is tax-deducible and we leave each donor with an IRS approved donation receipt.

And finally, my hope with the blog is to connect you with the larger work of Outreach Community Ministries.  Outreach – in a nutshell – is a faith-based, social service agency working in Carol Stream, Wheaton and Warrenville.  Our mission statement succinctly sums up what we do – restore hope and provide opportunities – to those most in need in DuPage County.  The proceeds of what we sell at Jubilee Furniture (minus our expenses) are helping Outreach do just that.  In addition to shopping at Jubilee, you can financially support Outreach directly here.

Whew – still with me?  Good!  Let’s take a look at some of the amazing, marvelous, fantastic, gorgeous, funky, fun things for sale this week!

JFC 08-12-11 001JFC 08-12-11 002

Can you see the DEPT. OF ILL. M.O.P.H. brass plate on this gorgeous side table? A quick google search informed me that M.O.P.H. states for the Military Order of the Purple Heart – which is very cool.  Price? $95

JFC 08-12-11 003

very nice Flexsteel sofa for $95

JFC 08-12-11 004

lovely square coffee table with glass inserts priced $55

JFC 08-12-11 005JFC 08-12-11 006

fabulous old velvet chairs – great lines, amazing nail head trim, wonderful button-back, both need some work (you can feel/see the seat springs) – priced $45 each

JFC 08-12-11 007JFC 08-12-11 008JFC 08-12-11 009

great color on this leather sofa but a couple of tears and some pigment off in one section – all fixable – priced $125

JFC 08-12-11 010

lovely two-tier side table priced $65

JFC 08-12-11 011

fantastic old 5’ round pedestal table priced $425

JFC 08-12-11 012

lovely lighted curio cabinet priced $175; two black leather stools priced $10 each (ripped along front seat cushion)

JFC 08-12-11 013

like-new, electric lift chair – fully reclines and then lifts you to your feet – priced $225

JFC 08-12-11 014

papasan chair and ottoman for $50

JFC 08-12-11 015

beautiful lined antique planter priced $395

JFC 08-12-11 016

melon colored swivel rocker for $40 and there are two of them

JFC 08-12-11 017

these metal stools are heavy and well made and priced $40 each

JFC 08-12-11 018

reupholster this chaise and you’ll have a lovely spot to relax – priced $35

JFC 08-12-11 019

two piece sectional offers lots of seating priced $85

JFC 08-12-11 020JFC 08-12-11 021

these two pieces are by H.Brian/Bauhaus and are in good condition except they both need to be cleaned – the love seat is priced $45; matching sleeper sofa for $60

JFC 08-12-11 022JFC 08-12-11 023

this office side chair is made by Herman Miller and priced $45 (I found them new online here for $95) and we have 18 of them plus 3 priced $20 each due to missing arm pads

JFC 08-12-11 024JFC 08-12-11 025

nice Kincaid bedroom set includes: long low dresser priced $65; night stand for $20; chest of drawers for $95

JFC 08-12-11 026JFC 08-12-11 027

this Cal-Style glass table and four black leather (I think) chairs is in great condition and priced $135 for the set

JFC 08-12-11 028

old time school desks (one complete desk/seat, plus one seat in front and one desk in back) priced $75 for the whole thing

JFC 08-12-11 029JFC 08-12-11 030JFC 08-12-11 031JFC 08-12-11 032JFC 08-12-11 033JFC 08-12-11 034

we received a great donation from Wheaton College this week of lots o’furniture from one of their resident dorms (where the furniture was used in the lounge areas) – the tables are not from Wheaton College but my design team used them in this grouping so I’ll give you table prices too – starting top left and then going across and down – two person love seat priced $50; drop-leaf end table priced $30 (and there are two of them); chair priced $25; three person sofa priced $75; another chair – slightly different style – also priced $25; two person love seat with different fabric also priced $50; drop leaf coffee table (matches end tables) priced $45

JFC 08-12-11 035JFC 08-12-11 036

Linon Home Décor stools – made in Italy – priced $40 each

One additional purpose of the Jubilee Furniture blog – to convey my appreciation and gratitude to you, dear reader – wherever you are, whatever’s going on in your life right now – whether you faithfully check in each week or happened on the site for the first time right now – thank you for stopping by.  May you sense God’s delight, love, forgiveness, peace and grace – in, and for, you.

Oh, and plan on coming ‘round again on Tuesday when I’ll showcase David’s amazing Chicago home which includes a number of pieces of Jubilee Furniture furniture which he’s transformed and repurposed in ways I never could of imagined!  The photos will knock your socks off and truly inspire you!

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