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Jubilee Furniture furniture in my work space!

Welcome to a weekly post (usually on Tuesdays) where I show you something from the store and how wonderful it looks in someone's home, office, yard, deck...either exactly how it looked leaving Jubilee Furniture or how it's been made even better through some creative process on the customer's part (which usually requires equal parts creativity, sweat and mess). If you've purchased from Jubilee and would be willing to take a photo (or two or three) of said item(s) and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org - I'd be very grateful.

Three weeks ago - due to some staff changes - I moved all my stuff from one desk (see my old space here) to another within Outreach's offices in downtown Wheaton. The "loft" is accessed by a spiral staircase and is a nice size and has three desks in it (one is used by Dan Moore - who's in charge of Jubilee Cars - another social enterprise part of Outreach which accepts cars, in any condition, for donation - one desk is currently not being used and I'm in the third desk). Since Dan is rarely in the space (works primarily from home) and for a long time no one else worked in the loft, it had become a sort of dumping area for old computers, broken chairs, lamps that needed new lightbulbs... Since I work best in an organized, neat and nice looking environment - cleaning up, throwing out, stashing away was the first order of business followed quickly by selecting some pieces (lamps, artwork, chairs and a coat-tree) from the furniture store to be moved over.

So, without further ado - here's where I work when I'm not at Jubilee Furniture!

this is at the top of the spiral staircase looking down (makes me a little sick to my stomach to look at this photo - sorry!)

at the top of the staircase is this wonderful scripture on the wall - certainly an excellent verse for a social service agency!

I took this photo standing right by the II Corinthians verse looking into the space. You might recognize the orange chairs from Jubilee as well as the lamp on the white table (table was already in the space) and the artwork over the table

closer look

Here's a funny little story about the lamp - someone I work with came up to the loft to see how it was going and mentioned I could probably find a different lamp in a storage shed in the back parking lot to replace that "old one." When I told her I had just brought that "old one" over from Jubilee Furniture and actually liked it - she got all embarrassed!

There were no lamps in the loft and when I told Dan I was going to bring some over from the store and would he like one - he said, "Sure!". I found this fun red desk lamp and then couldn't resist the funky poster artwork. Somewhat clashy with the orange retro chairs - but I like it!

Here's my desk area - I brought the hutch over from my old desk as well as the desk chair - both of which came from Jubilee Furniture several years ago. I added the desk lamp (better photo of my way cool desk lamp by Luceplan - made in Italy - coming). The chickadee artwork is new and something I've been eyeing at the store for weeks since I refer to my kids as my chickadees (and they're sweet birds). Don't love all the cords - but haven't quite figured that out yet. The briefcase leaning by my desk is a gift my mom gave me when I graduated from college in May of 2006 - yep, you can teach old dogs new things!

The loft does have a sloping ceiling (which isn't a problem) and there's another great scripture verse on a supporting column.

Here's the close up of my fabulous desk lamp which - when I did a little research - retails for $495! You can often find very expensive lamps priced around $35 at the store.

another shot of my desk area

There are three skylights in the space which makes it very light and bright.

And that, dear reader, is a look at where I live Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday each week as I connect - over the phone - with donors, schedule donation pickups, do customer marketing and recruit volunteers!

See you Friday for my weekly store update post!

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