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Life is like a warehouse full of used furniture - some pieces make you smile, some make you cringe and eventually you have to move on

Two weeks ago I was in a group of about 13 others and we were asked to introduce ourselves and tell one thing - anything we wanted - about ourselves. The one thing that popped into my mind, and which I shared, is my struggle this last year with letting go of my full-time mothering role. Though I've always worked and have a strong sense of who I am - I'm more and more realizing I'm going through a grieving process while - at the same time - applauding and encouraging my two to take off and soar. Crazy isn't it.

Though I hope I don't stay in this sad place too long - I'm going to allow myself to take as much time as I need to work through it until I'm done. Meanwhile my job as general manager at Jubilee Furniture is demanding and fulfilling and hugely rewarding and I am grateful to be part of something that positively impacts those most in need within DuPage County, Illinois.

With that said, let's take a look at the newest items for sale at Jubilee Furniture. Oh, wait - before we do, the store will be open our regular hours today (Friday) from 1 to 8 and tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4.

small retro desk for $20

I love this plant stand with the mosaic top for $25

we received a bunch of fabric boxes from Room & Board this week - my guess is the boxes are used for breakables which are shipped to the store. There are three or four different sizes and the largest is priced $2 and they go down from there

four blue kitchen chairs on wheels for $50 (for all four)

we received three sofa/love seat sets in this week - here's the first. Both pieces are in excellent condition - they just need to be cleaned - thoroughly cleaned - so I priced them $45 for the sofa and $30 for the love seat (to have them professionally cleaned will cost around $100)

we have - I believe - seven of these green/metal chairs and they're priced $25 each. My design team (Anne, Linnea and Connie would chuckle to hear me call them my "design team" but that's really who they are since they create - or design - furniture vignettes each week) put four of them around a table which is priced $50

four green ladder back chairs with rush seats for $100 and round table with two homemade leaves for $50

three piece wall unit for $135

mission style desk with hutch for $45 (there are two identical both priced $45)

four stools for $80

I absolutely love this ladder back chair which is priced $45 (too bad there's only the one)

blue leather (maybe it's leather - I really wish I knew how to tell for sure) side chair for $55 and there are two of 'em

beautiful drop leaf end table (night stand?) for $65 and there are two of them

really lovely dining room set - there's a table, two leaves, six chairs (two with arms) and table pads for $225 and the gorgeous lighted china cabinet is $200 - buy the whole kit and kaboodle for $400 and save $25!

in addition to three sets of sofas/love seats, we also received this sofa/chair/ottoman set. The dark purple sofa is priced $60 and the chair and ottoman $75 (chair and ottoman are in better condition thus the higher price tag)

if you've always wanted some raised artwork of large bodied people of Asian descent - this is your lucky day! These pieces - both with working, lovely artwork lamps - are priced $40 each

black leather love seat for $125 and the sofa is $150 - both in excellent condition

this colonial style love seat is $35 and the matching sofa $50

retro rocker for $45

amazing, cool brown vintage sofa for $65 (not very comfortable though - just being honest)

So, if you come into the store with a young one in tow - allow me to coo and get a little misty eyed over you. And if they start to scream at some point - know you're helping me realize there are some things I do not miss about full-time parenting!

And that - dear reader - completes my weekly update.

Happy 4th and be safe!
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