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God bless Eastgate Baptist Church in Burton, MI!

Wow - what a week! Where to begin? I guess the beginning is as good a place as any! Last week I got a call asking if I would be willing to have a team from Burton, MI work in the store on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 to 3 doing some type of service project. The team would consist of nine middle school and high school age kids and three adults who were coming to Wheaton College to attend a Student Life Conference. There would be teaching, music and bible study each morning and evening but in between the 1,400 students in attendance would head out to sites around Chicagoland to serve.

You might think I would be thrilled to get such a request but I wasn't. You see with any volunteer group you never know what you're going to get. People excited and willing to undertake the dirty, sweaty, hard work of rearranging furniture or people wondering why they paid money to assist in a hot, smelly warehouse? Put that way it would be a miracle to find anyone - especially teens - who would fall in that excited/willing category, right?

Yet that's exactly what happened. Truly Jubilee Furniture was transformed this week due to the efforts of a group from Eastgate Baptist Church. It's seriously amazing and wonderful and very, very cool (praise God!).

The biggest change you'll see when you come in either today (Friday from 1 to 8) or tomorrow (Saturday from 9 to 4) is that the line of metal bookcases where you'll find miscellaneous stuff like books and doodads has been moved east. This opens up the showroom area and gives a much nicer flow to the place (though you do have to walk farther to look at all the wonders the bookcases hold - but the lighting is better and so you can actually SEE what's on the selves - what a novel idea, huh).

While the team from Eastgate and I were working hard in the store, Dan and Chris were working just as hard out on the truck completing a busy week of donation pickups. Here are a few of the many wonderful things waiting for you to purchase them!

this mid century piece reminds me of the teak wall unit I sold six or eight weeks ago for $250 which was valued at over $1,000 (though I didn't know that). This is a free standing room divider type of thing (photo to the right is the back of the unit - you can see it's finished on both sides) and the one door is actually a drop down desk. I can't find anything exactly like this online - so I'm taking a bit of a guess and pricing it $600 and either it's fairly priced or wildly over-priced and I'll mark it down in a couple of weeks. Since you know I'm always brutally honest with you - there is a musty - maybe a smoker? - smell when you open the drawers to this piece. Otherwise it truly is in excellent condition.

six drawer wood dresser for $65

dresser w/mirror is $40; and the other dresser is $30

this is a very pretty, wood queen-size sleigh bed which is priced $195

this chair unfolds to be a sleeping spot and is $45

isn't this the sweetest dressing table? and only priced $85!

look at this! a child's wooden kitchen play piece priced $30

two open bookcases each priced $40

super nice sofa $85

four chairs (two with arms, two armless) for $65

narrow computer desk (the open space is a pull-out keyboard tray) for $60

beautiful entertainment center for $175

gold velvet sofa for $40 and the matching love seat is $30

we received the prettiest set of light pink and green plaid chairs and I've priced one of them $125 and the other $95 due to the fact that the fabric is pulling away along one side

this is another gorgeous donation this time a sofa and love seat - due to our bad lighting it's hard to tell if the pieces are green w/black or beige w/black. The love seat is priced $225 and the sofa $195 and the lower price on the sofa is due to a small tear on one of the arms (which I think would be a fairly easy fix) - otherwise both pieces are beautiful

lovely secretary priced $165

Lazboy wing back/recliner for $65 (needs to be cleaned, some fraying - but overall this is an excellent price)

I love the pattern of the fabric on this wing back chair priced $175

here's another wing back this time priced $35

Though there's much wrong in this world and many adults think teens are self centered and unwilling to work hard - for me - this week has been a testimony that there's also much right in the world and teens are a huge part of that rightness. Oh, and miracles do happen!

And that, dear reader, is the latest installment from Jubilee Furniture to you! God's peace and grace to you.
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