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Greetings from Jubilee Furniture!

Must be honest, an unusual week of pickups. I would have loved donations of dressers and dining room sets (and some more coffee tables and end tables would have been nice too) - and I did receive a couple of theses, but it was more a week of desks and a foosball table and a slate pool table. I'm always grateful to my donors - but there are times I wish I could magically make more of a certain furniture appear (like dressers, did I mention I could really use dressers - oh and night stands - in the store?).

The reason I'm in need of dressers in particular is because last Friday we sold almost every one to an organization which is shipping a container of furniture to Romania. It would appear there is a shortage of used furniture in Romania and the cost to ship nine dressers and five sofas (to name but a few of the items they bought from Jubilee Furniture) is cheaper than buying new there. Congressman Peter Roskam has a beautiful Jubilee Furniture coffee table in his office in Washington DC and Bill and Lynn Gosling have purchased quite a bit of furniture from us for their new home in North Carolina (there are also pieces in MI, IN, WI and several items have appeared in different productions at the Goodman Theater and Wheaton Drama) - but Romania might be the furthest any Jubilee Furniture furniture has traveled. Maybe I should create a world map and note where different pieces of our furniture have traveled to. Interesting idea.

How do I get off on this stuff? Every time I sit down to update the blog I swear I'm going to write a somewhat normal post (I say "somewhat" because I know myself pretty well and figure I'll never write a truly normal entry :-). And now I've totally made you think there is absolutely nothing of value in the store - which isn't true - so let me show you some of the new-to-us pieces we received this week:

This bed set was out on the floor last week, but it was just put together late on Friday or Saturday (can't remember which) and I thought I would showcase it this week. It a twin bed with a trundle underneath (or the trundle could just be a huge drawer for storage - but it's not on wheels which makes it a little hard to pull out) and the shelving unit all for $135

I can't remember what they call these bookcases with the glass doors that open and slide over the books - lawyer bookcase? Attorney? What's the name? Anyway, this one needs some TLC and the top shelf door is missing. I priced it $35

We did get a couple of dressers in and here is one of them. There is a mirror leaning up against the back of it and I've priced the dresser and mirror $65; matching desk with bookcase/hutch $50

Here's another dresser picked up this week with a mirrored hutch for $95

For some reason the guys dropped this antique buffet by the dressers and there it still sits! Price? $145

Final dresser we received this week for $65

Table and two chairs for $35 (this table is shorter than most - either someone cut the legs down a little or it was designed that way - but it's a little weird, and weird does not have to be a bad thing)

Slate top pool table with all the accessories for $65 (I'm warning you this sucker is heavy!)

Nice foosball table for $175

One of the two very nice desks we received this week. It's got a leather top and I've priced it $95

Slip covered love seat for $95 (we have a ton of upholstered pieces in the store - but didn't pick a lot of new stuff up this week)

Here's the second desk - it's mahogany - that we received. It's beautiful with a glass top covering the wood. I tried to take a photo of the top - but it didn't turn out so well. Priced at $225

I will not be at the store this weekend, but if you stop in say "Hi!" to either Connie or Anne. They will be covering for me today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4.

Grace to you and peace!
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