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End of April greetings from Jubilee Furniture!

Welcome! So glad you stopped by to take a peek at what's "new" at Jubilee Furniture. I'm careful to always put the word "new" in quotes - since everything in our inventory is donated and used. So though it's "new" to us, it isn't "new"! Got it? Good, then let's see some of the furniture we added to our 30,000 square feet of warehouse space!

small, wooden, old fashion student desk with chair (chair doesn't match but it's the right size for the desk) both for $40

cream colored changing table for $145 (it's flanked by some white dressers that do not match the changing table)

it looks like two oak bookcases, but it's actually one with six adjustable shelves priced at $195

we picked up many chrome and fabric guest chairs that are in excellent condition and super solid (heavy) - both fabrics are bluish/purplish and I've priced them $35 each. I searched online to see what these chairs might have sold for new and found similar chairs priced at $265 on some super cheap office chair site (just to show you what an amazing deal these chairs are!)

super clean Plunkett sofa for $85 (fabric and style is just a bit dated looking)

Crate & Barrel sofa for $60 - since we have an all sales are final policy and I would rather have happy customers than unhappy ones - here's the low down on this piece. It almost looks like someone washed all the cushions on this sofa and they shrank a little. Can you fix that? I'm not sure, thus the low price tag

these fabric pieces (they sort of look like leather) are very nice - the sofa is a sleeper and I priced it $145; matching rocker/recliner is $125

Ethan Allen sofa for $225

three piece sectional in good condition except for it's faded in multiple area so priced for only $75

vintage TV tables for $15 for the set

love seat for $85 and matching sofa for $115

clear glass top and frosted glass bottom on this coffee table on wheels is fun and priced $95

the one bit of color this week comes from this amazing two piece sofa and each piece opens into some kind of bed (I didn't have enough time to figure out how to open the two halves and I'm not sure what size bed it would open into exactly), but it's so bright and fun just as a sofa! Price? $145

Lots more I didn't have time to take photos of - so you'll just have to stop in either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 and see it all for yourself!

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