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Super Amazing Furniture for Sale - Really!

A very generous donor donated her whole house full of furniture, artwork, lamps, dishes, fake flowers (lots and lots of artificial flowers!), pots and pans and knick-knacks (lots of those too). Which means Jubilee Furniture is - again - bursting at the seams with a whole lot of fantastic things. We have so many little pieces that I actually ordered plastic baskets so you can load up without dropping anything - that's how much crap...I mean wonderful doodads - we currently have in the store!

Let's take a look at some of the awesomeness!

I love this table and two chairs - these did not come from the whole house donation but another wonderful donor. I could only find a partial label under one of the chairs. Can you read it? It says "...Chrome Division," but I can't tell the manufacture. The set (table and two chairs) is priced for $125

Zigzag pattern wing back chair for $45

Beautiful coffee table with inlaid wood for $150

Chaise lounge $60

These are two maple cabinets, the one to the right isn't as deep as the other and is priced $65: the other must have been designed to hold stereo equipment because there are all sorts of holes in the back for poking cords through and it's priced $75

Here begins the stuff we picked up from the whole house donation - as you can see we have lots of artwork - some of it cheap, fun stuff (flower piece is priced $8 to give you an idea)

Katie - here are the nightstands I spoke with you about on the phone yesterday. I've priced them $25 (behind them are another two matching nightstands that are modern - and covered in dust that are also cheap. We also have several sets of the split oak nightstands that were included in last week's posting - as well as the Oriental style set - so lots more than I remembered when I talked with you)

Dresser with three-way mirror for $185

Ethan Allen love seat for $70

Gorgeous two door - French style cabinets with inland wood $195 each (there are two of them)

Here's one set of dishes that we received - just to give you an example

Here's another French style oval table (no leaves) with glass top and six chairs for $650

Cherry wood drop leaf table with three leaves, table pads and six chairs for $235

Green, French style side chair for $125 (there are two of 'em); green settee for $325

Floral side chair for $110; floral sofa for $225 (these pieces give me hope that spring, flowers, warmth and sunshine will again eventually return to the frozen, gray Midwest!)

I love this desk because it's narrower than most - 20" x 66" to be exact, price $195

For everyone who came out last Friday (between 1 and 8) and Saturday (between 9 and 4) you were part of us having a record weekend in sales totaling more than $8,300! Can you believe that? That's a lot of used furniture. Now all of us want to hit $10,000 in two days - so you better head out to Jubilee Furniture where every purchase helps support the excellent programs and services offered by Outreach Community Ministries - that's a lot of bang for your buck!

God's peace and grace to each of you!
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