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I'm sorry

My mother said she was surprised by my comment last Friday when I wrote "...that's how much crap...I mean wonderful doodads - we currently have in the store." I didn't mean the items donated were crap - they weren't - I just meant we have a lot of little knick-knacks cluttering up the place. These smaller items definitely make the store more interesting to shop but tend to take longer to box or bag which makes me feel a little panicky when other customers are waiting. I also feel weird ringing up a 25 cent item - but those are all my own issues and I certainly didn't mean to come across as ungrateful of the donated items I was referring to.

So, if you - like my mom - where surprised by my comment - I'm sorry. I am extremely grateful to all my donors for taking the time, and making the arrangements, to donate to Jubilee Furniture.

I'm also grateful to all my customers who make working every Friday and Saturday a whole lot of fun and always interesting. And to you, dear readers, for keeping up with all things Jubilee!

Before I sign off I have to tell you a quick story. I have wonderful relationships with a number of other non-profits in the area and we are constantly referring donors to each other ("No, we don't take sleeper sofas but I know Jubilee Furniture does..."). One such relationship is with Joshua Busch the donation coordinator at World Relief (an excellent organization which helps resettle refugees in DuPage County). Joshua and I had gotten to know each other via e-mail and after several months of this, he mentioned that he would like to meet me face-to-face some time. So, I sent him the following photo and told him it was me and I expected him to shoot me back a "ha ha" e-mail - but instead there was silence. Well, I forgot about the whole thing until a few months later Joshua and I did finally meet and the first thing he said was "You don't look like the photo you sent me!" and we both laughed. He THOUGHT it was a joke - but in case it wasn't, he decided not to say anything. That's what I get for making fun of someone else and for using the word "crap" in a posting!

I'll post my weekly update entry tomorrow with photos as always!


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