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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 29, 2015


Thanks for stopping by to check out some of the inventory currently available at Jubilee Furniture today (I say “today” because it might be sold by tomorrow or Saturday). The Furniture Gallery is another place to “virtually walk through the store” (though once something is purchased it doesn’t immediately get removed from the Gallery [and never removed from this blog]– so if you have your heart set on something you might want to phone first to see if it’s still available – 630.784.2890).

A late arrival at the store last night combined with a doctor’s appointment cut down on the amount of time I had to take photos – so though there aren’t as many as I normally take, please know there’s a lot more inventory than shown here.

Let’s begin:

JFC 01-29-15 001JFC 01-29-15 002

these are two gorgeous cream-colored leather loveseat – both in excellent condition – priced $185 each

JFC 01-29-15 003JFC 01-29-15 004

extra deep seat Crate & Barrel brown chair in great condition – priced $165

JFC 01-29-15 005JFC 01-29-15 006

lovely square oak side table with glass insert (I love the X) priced $35

JFC 01-29-15 007JFC 01-29-15 008

granite and wrought iron small table with two wrought iron chairs (that FOLD UP for easy storage) priced $175 for the set

JFC 01-29-15 009JFC 01-29-15 010JFC 01-29-15 011

beautiful Henredon sofa with ottoman – small section of pulls (by a kitty?) on bottom front right (as you’re looking at the piece) otherwise in excellent condition – priced $235 for both

JFC 01-29-15 012JFC 01-29-15 013

unique wood framed sofa that sits directly on the floor (price tag calls it a “European sofa”) – enough spots for me to say the whole things needs to be cleaned – but structurally in excellent condition. Priced $225

JFC 01-29-15 014JFC 01-29-15 015

sweet three drawer small side chest – very nice but looks like a reproduction – priced $55

JFC 01-29-15 016JFC 01-29-15 017

this is an amazingly gorgeous West Elm light gray velvet sofa in excellent condition (I saw a couple of small stains on front fabric closest to the floor). Priced $495

JFC 01-29-15 018JFC 01-29-15 019

very nice mid-century modern dresser with mirror (I couldn’t find any label to tell me the manufacturer) priced $125; matching chest of dresser is wider than some – very nice proportions – priced $95

JFC 01-29-15 020JFC 01-29-15 021

lovely sunny yellow oversized chair and ottoman – needs some spot cleaning – priced $80 for the set

JFC 01-29-15 022JFC 01-29-15 024

this two piece slip-covered sofa and chaise are by Lee – slip covers probably could be cleaned (though not bad) – priced $245

JFC 01-29-15 025JFC 01-29-15 026JFC 01-29-15 027JFC 01-29-15 028

here’s a three piece Walter E. Smithe sectional that’s in good condition (note there’s no arm at the end of one section) priced $65

JFC 01-29-15 029JFC 01-29-15 030JFC 01-29-15 031JFC 01-29-15 032

contemporary style black (or is it dark brown?) leather and chrome chairs – all four need fixing where the leather is coming apart at the top sides (see first photo second row). Priced $60 for all four

JFC 01-29-15 033JFC 01-29-15 034

extremely nice and heavy black wrought iron stools (all need cushions). Two are counter height and are priced $25 each; three of bar height and are $30 each

JFC 01-29-15 035JFC 01-29-15 036

2 piece micro-suede sofa and chaise priced $85 (looks to be in good condition)

JFC 01-29-15 037JFC 01-29-15 038JFC 01-29-15 039JFC 01-29-15 040

this is a GORGEOUS leather sofa with down cushions – yes it’s faded, yes it’s worn, yes it’s stained – but man-oh-man it has character to spare and is extremely comfortable (as in I could sleep on this sofa). I totally want to buy this piece especially because it’s priced $85

Next week marks Jubilee Furniture's 9th anniversary and I’ll have some interesting information to share about where we started and where we are now – thanks to customers, donors and volunteers like you, dear reader! It’s really a remarkable journey.

Oh, and whoever purchased that awesome, large, blue table lamp with the cherub on it that I had on the blog last week – would you email me a photo of it in your home, please (sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org)? I’d love to see what you did with it! Thanks!

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