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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, August 14, 2014

In my new role working exclusively with donors and doing business development I’m removed from the store side of things and don’t always make the connection between what someone’s donated and the actual piece of furniture – unless it’s unique.

About three weeks ago I receive a call about a much-loved antique sideboard that was worth a fair amount of money but no longer worked for the donor.  That week when I came in to take photos for the blog I recognized the piece from the donor’s description.  It was beautiful!

Last week it sold – and though I can’t often do this – I was able to contact the donor to let them know.  I mentioned to Bruce that I had done so and that the donor was thrilled the donation had turned into a nice profit which would help support the programs and services at Outreach.  Bruce said, “It gets even better, Susan.” 

So, Sharon, I hope you’re reading. 

Two sisters stopped in the store and immediately spot this gorgeous, antique oak sideboard and can’t believe their eyes!  It’s almost an identical match to one their mother used to have but no longer did due to sad/hard circumstances.  They buy it knowing their mom will be over-the-moon thrilled and will love and cherish it. 

Granted not all our furniture is beloved and cherished by our donors – but a lot of it is – and to know the item is purchased by someone who will also love and cherish it – and that that purchase is helping those most vulnerable in DuPage County – is one of my favorite parts of my job.

So as you wander around Jubilee Furniture today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday) from 1 to 8 or on Saturday from 9 to 4 – though you might not know the back-story to a piece of furniture – please know it indeed has one and it’s often a story of fond memories, happy occasions and much love!

And what might you find as you’re wandering?  Great question!  Let’s take a look at SOME of the furniture which was recently donated:

JFC 08-14-14 001JFC 08-14-14 002

this is a really beautiful coffee table – I love the Oriental style of the trim and legs – there’s protective glass on top.  It’s priced $85

JFC 08-14-14 003JFC 08-14-14 004

LOVE this plaid sofa by Smithe Craft!  Looks in really good condition.  Priced $175

JFC 08-14-14 005JFC 08-14-14 006

a little elbow grease is all that’s needed to turn this round side table from bland to fabulous!  Priced $45

JFC 08-14-14 007JFC 08-14-14 008

Bauhaus brown micro-suede chair and ottoman – there’s green tape with the price on both pieces (“official” price tag is coming!) – some wear but overall very nice.  Priced $165

JFC 08-14-14 009JFC 08-14-14 010

admittedly this sofa/entry table isn’t to everyone’s taste – but the craftsmanship and quality are gorgeous!  Two brass swans sit atop a polished stone base and support a beveled piece of glass trimmed in brass.  The same piece is selling on One Kings Lane for $1,495 (retails for $5,500 – here’s a link that I hope works [I had to sign in so I’m not 100% sure if it will take you directly there or if you’ll have to sign in too]).  Jubilee Furniture price?  $985

JFC 08-14-14 011JFC 08-14-14 012

this is sort of an unusual coffee table with it’s tray like top lined with a mirror – but it’s interesting and in good condition.  Priced $65

JFC 08-14-14 013JFC 08-14-14 014

this brown velour Room & Board sofa is in excellent condition and is priced $525

JFC 08-14-14 015JFC 08-14-14 016

great condition armless loveseat by McCreary Modern – priced $165

JFC 08-14-14 017JFC 08-14-14 018

two nice side chairs – note wear on the arms – priced $55 each

JFC 08-14-14 019JFC 08-14-14 020JFC 08-14-14 021JFC 08-14-14 023

two lovely green velvet sofas – one is a sleeper – both invite you to sit down and relax!  Priced $115 each (there’s some minor wear on the fabric – velvet tends to get “scratched” if you know what I mean)

JFC 08-14-14 022JFC 08-14-14 024

we received a good number of really beautiful coffee tables this week – here’s a round glass topped one for $75

JFC 08-14-14 025JFC 08-14-14 026JFC 08-14-14 027JFC 08-14-14 028

I went a like overboard taking photos of these two cane-backed chairs – I love the details and was trying to capture them!  We’re selling the set for $175

JFC 08-14-14 029JFC 08-14-14 030

here’s the final new-to-us coffee table that I love!  It’s brushed brass and silver with the glass top – simple yet elegant!  Priced $115

JFC 08-14-14 031JFC 08-14-14 032JFC 08-14-14 033JFC 08-14-14 034

a leather loveseat and sofa by Divani in a fantastic color.  Both have some issues with some scratches/cracking that give them a distressed look.  The loveseat is priced $215 and the sofa is $265

JFC 08-14-14 035JFC 08-14-14 036

great black stand for your flat screen TV with lots of storage, priced $85

JFC 08-14-14 037JFC 08-14-14 038

these rolling leather chairs are from the Leather Center and are in excellent condition and very comfortable.  The leather color is the same (not sure why the one chair in the second photo looks darker – must be the lighting – because it’s not).  I thought we picked up four of them – but maybe two sold already? – priced $135 each

JFC 08-14-14 039JFC 08-14-14 040

lovely two piece oak lighted china cabinet by Richardson Brothers – priced $75

JFC 08-14-14 042JFC 08-14-14 043

a volunteer purchased this amazing gold retro sofa about 18 months ago and then just re-donated it.  It’s in excellent condition and priced $315

JFC 08-14-14 044JFC 08-14-14 045

super sweet two drawer nightstand by Heritage in excellent condition – priced $55

JFC 08-14-14 046JFC 08-14-14 047

though the top of this drop leaf table needs to re-finished – I love it!  Look at the pedestal!  Look at the little wheels!  Priced $145

JFC 08-14-14 048JFC 08-14-14 049JFC 08-14-14 050JFC 08-14-14 051

beautiful computer cabinet – love the louvers style doors – priced $145

JFC 08-14-14 052JFC 08-14-14 053

though one corner of this two piece sectional is damaged (see it in the second photo?) and it’s probably missing a third piece (you can’t see it in the first photo but that end on the left is armless and there was, probably, a chaise or another piece to finish it off) – but at $35 it’s a steal!

JFC 08-14-14 054JFC 08-14-14 055JFC 08-14-14 056JFC 08-14-14 057

true wardrobe – looks cedar lined – painted green and white.  Lovely simple lines.  Priced $145

JFC 08-14-14 058JFC 08-14-14 060

fabulous full-size antique head board, foot board and rails – priced $380

JFC 08-14-14 061JFC 08-14-14 062

very nice four poster cheery wood queen-size head board, foot board and side rails – priced $215 (mattress and box spring are sold separately)

Here’s to wonderful donors, fabulous customers, amazing pieces of furniture and to you, dear reader!  May your story today have a similar lovely ending to the one I shared at the beginning of this post!

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