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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, June 26, 2014

Greetings!  And welcome to the Jubilee Furniture blog where each week we give you a peek into the store with the hopes our amazing inventory and low prices will encourage you to stop in either today from 1 to 8, tomorrow from 1 to 8 or Saturday from 9 to 4.

Since our inventory is entirely donated (click on the following links to find out more about donating to Jubilee Furniture a division of Outreach Community Ministries) and the donation warehouse team is out making pickups four or five days a week – the store changes pretty dramatically from Thursday to Thursday.  We often tell shoppers – you never know what you might find at Jubilee Furniture!

So, let’s take a look at what’s “new” this week!

JFC 06-26-14 001JFC 06-26-14 002

this is a lovely Chippendale desk priced $135

JFC 06-26-14 003JFC 06-26-14 004

this three piece leather sectional is by Leathercraft and both ends recline!  In very good condition and priced $295

JFC 06-26-14 005JFC 06-26-14 006

I love the flame stitch upholstery on these two side chair which are in very good condition and only priced $35 each

JFC 06-26-14 007JFC 06-26-14 008

you know I love plaid – and this side chair is a pretty muted plaid that is just lovey!  Priced $55

JFC 06-26-14 009JFC 06-26-14 010

gorgeous sofa in excellent condition – priced $175

JFC 06-26-14 011JFC 06-26-14 012

super fun retro coffee table with four rolling pleather ottomans that fit perfectly underneath the table – all for $75

JFC 06-26-14 013JFC 06-26-14 014

two drawer writing desk?  Hall table?  Sofa table?  So many ways you could use this very nice piece!  Priced $115

JFC 06-26-14 015JFC 06-26-14 017JFC 06-26-14 016JFC 06-26-14 018

fun toll painting along with a crackle finish make these two pieces unique!  The sofa or entry table is priced $75; the coffee table is $65

JFC 06-26-14 019JFC 06-26-14 020JFC 06-26-14 021JFC 06-26-14 022

these Kimball brand side chair are classic and elegant!  They’re priced $195 each and there are five of the tan upholstered ones and two of the blue

JFC 06-26-14 023JFC 06-26-14 024

these are two really attractive bookcases each with one drawer – priced $65 each

JFC 06-26-14 033JFC 06-26-14 034JFC 06-26-14 050JFC 06-26-14 051

wow – what an unusual “U” shaped coffee table – in case the “U” isn’t long enough for you there are two drop leaf parts that lift and extend it further!  Someone somewhere would do something really cool with this piece!  Priced $160; matching end table are $65 each and there are two of them.  All in excellent condition

And now some of my favorite pieces which have been reduced: 

JFC 06-26-14 025JFC 06-26-14 026

I love the melon color of these pieces – there are two chairs and one ottoman and all are marked down 25% off the already low Jubilee Furniture price.  Chairs are currently $33.75 each and the ottoman is $15

JFC 06-26-14 027JFC 06-26-14 028

though these four retro pleather chairs aren’t labeled – I have it from some very reliable sources that they’re Thonet.  The four chairs are currently priced $296.25 for all four

JFC 06-26-14 029JFC 06-26-14 030

we did sell one of these Room & Board bookcases (donor originally donated four of them) but three remain and have now been marked down 25%.  They’re from R&B’s Woodwind collection and are currently priced $258.75 each

JFC 06-26-14 031JFC 06-26-14 032

I love, love, love this sweet retro table w/1 leaf and four chairs – it’s just begging to be cleaned up and maybe refinished or painted!  Currently priced $168.75

JFC 06-26-14 035JFC 06-26-14 037

this is an absolutely gorgeous Woodmark sofa which is in excellent condition!  Why it hasn’t sold yet – I don’t know but maybe with a lower price tag of $168.75 it will find its “forever” home

JFC 06-26-14 038JFC 06-26-14 039

this Homegoods loveseat is also in fantastic condition and I’m surprised it hasn’t been purchased yet.  Oh well – maybe our reduced price of $206.25 will get the job done!

JFC 06-26-14 040JFC 06-26-14 041

ANOTHER fantastic loveseat – this time by Smithe Craft – and now reduced to $123.75

JFC 06-26-14 042JFC 06-26-14 043

amazing Joerns vanity now 25% off bringing the price down to $225

JFC 06-26-14 044JFC 06-26-14 045

lovely leather sofa now priced $281.25

JFC 06-26-14 046JFC 06-26-14 047

even at 25% off this chest of drawer is still fairly high at $318.75 – but man oh man it’s an amazing piece of furniture!  Look at the cravings and the detail!  I normally don’t like such ornate furniture but I totally love this piece!  A real show piece that will work hard (tons of storage) and yet sit quietly wherever you put it

JFC 06-26-14 048JFC 06-26-14 049

this is simply a lovely, comfortable slip-covered sofa that can also sleep overnight guests and is now 40% off which brings the price down to $145

JFC 06-26-14 052JFC 06-26-14 053

here’s another sofa that I think is fantastic!  It’s a well built Drexel Heritage piece with a high back and – maybe a more formal fabric – yet I think it would play nicely with casual furniture too!  Currently priced $168.75

JFC 06-26-14 054JFC 06-26-14 055

I don’t remember seeing this very cool chest of drawers before but it’s already marked down 25% so obviously I missed it!  One drawer is pushed in further than it should be (a simple fix?) but it’s got tons of potential!  Priced $71.25

JFC 06-26-14 056JFC 06-26-14 057

and I think this five drawer chest by Bassett is gorgeous!  Currently marked down to $93.75 – which is amazing!

Thus ends our virtual stroll through Jubilee Furniture, dear reader!  As always, thank you for tagging along and I hope you have an excellent end to your week and a fantastic weekend!

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