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Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, May 15, 2014

Well, if you’re kicking yourself for missing last week’s yard sale (where Bruce was wheeling and dealing like nobody’s business!) – you’re in luck because we’re going to continue the fun and savings for one more weekend!

We treated the yard sale as a separate purchase from our inventory inside and most items are priced $20 and under (way under in many cases!).  Bruce and team will be outside ready to take your cash and help immediately load whatever you buy into your vehicle.  It’s that simple!

Speaking of Bruce – I owe you a photo of him and our two newest employees (Cameron and Mike) who are my donation team (out on the truck making donation pickups Tuesdays-Fridays and deliveries on Saturdays) – and I didn’t arrive at the store in time to do so.  Sorry!

Our donation pickup schedule mentioned above is expanded which means new-to-us inventory is – fairly – constantly streaming into the store throughout our three sales days.  Shopping at Jubilee Furniture has never been more exciting and fresh with ever changing inventory!  I love it!

So, what would you find if you stopped in the store this afternoon at 1:00 p.m.?  Let’s take a look!

JFC 05-15-14 001JFC 05-15-14 002

wonderful upholstered bench priced $50!  We received 3 or 4 of them from the Hilton and I sold one last week and the customer was going to use it to pull up to a table (it’s the perfect height)

JFC 05-15-14 003JFC 05-15-14 004

also from the Hilton, great side chairs and ottomans.  We don’t have a ton of either but the chairs are priced $45 each and the ottomans are $20 each (I love the somewhat narrow size of the ottoman)

JFC 05-15-14 005JFC 05-15-14 006JFC 05-15-14 007JFC 05-15-14 008

wow – two very nice desks w/hutches and chairs – one black and the other a white-washed finish.  Both in excellent condition and both are priced $175 for the set (desk, hutch and chair)

JFC 05-15-14 009JFC 05-15-14 010

fabulous side chair – I noticed a small crack in one of the legs (but it didn’t seem to be causing any problems) priced $55

JFC 05-15-14 011JFC 05-15-14 012

lovely sofa by Sherrill – looked great to me though in the second photo it looks a little faded along the back edge – priced $75

JFC 05-15-14 013

fabulous sofa in excellent condition priced $115

JFC 05-15-14 014JFC 05-15-14 015

I love this plaid recliner!  Great colors and it’s comfortable too!  Priced $125

JFC 05-15-14 016JFC 05-15-14 017

two fantastic muted green side chairs priced $95 each (a little worn in spots)

JFC 05-15-14 018JFC 05-15-14 019

Thomasville sofa in good condition priced $125; lovely round side table for $45

JFC 05-15-14 020JFC 05-15-14 021

armless side chair in very good shape – priced $65 (there’s just one)

JFC 05-15-14 022JFC 05-15-14 023

fun dry sink priced $30

JFC 05-15-14 024JFC 05-15-14 025

nice plaid sleeper sofa priced $135

JFC 05-15-14 026JFC 05-15-14 027

Crate & Barrel sofa in a great muted gray/blue color – on one side of the seat cushions there seems to be burn marks and I could faintly smell cigarette smoke so only priced $75

JFC 05-15-14 028JFC 05-15-14 029JFC 05-15-14 030JFC 05-15-14 033

these chairs might be my favorite from this week (though there are some amazing dressers coming up) – they need some cleaning up and maybe a completely new paint/upholstery job – but boy oh boy – they’re fabulous!  We’ve priced ‘em separately since they would make an excellent accent chair.  There’s one armed chair and it’s priced $45; three armless chairs are $35 each

JFC 05-15-14 034JFC 05-15-14 035

there’s something about this orange painted two piece hutch that super appealing to me!  The two doors are missing the glass.  Priced $95

JFC 05-15-14 036JFC 05-15-14 037

two wonderful blue watermarked side chairs in very good condition by Temple.  Priced $55 each

JFC 05-15-14 038JFC 05-15-14 039

so cute Bassett pink painted (and distressed) dresser (missing two of the crystal knobs)  priced $30

JFC 05-15-14 040JFC 05-15-14 041

and then look at this sweet three drawer dresser covered in hearts!  Adorable!  Priced $50

JFC 05-15-14 042JFC 05-15-14 043

incredible antique dresser w/mirror for $145

JFC 05-15-14 044JFC 05-15-14 045

massive chest of drawers by Stanley in very good shape – priced $125

JFC 05-15-14 048JFC 05-15-14 050JFC 05-15-14 051JFC 05-15-14 052

gorgeous Hampton Bay outdoor patio set which includes: four stationary chairs (with cushions); two swivel rockers (with cushions) and a side table (perfect to set beverages on but obviously not for pulling up to and dining) – all seven pieces for $250 (I couldn’t find this exact set online but here’s a link to the Home Depot website where similar Hampton Bay chairs sell for between $200 and $300 for a TWO CHAIR PACK and we’re selling SIX chairs and a side table for $250!)

JFC 05-15-14 053JFC 05-15-14 054JFC 05-15-14 055JFC 05-15-14 056

I’m in love with this set by Bassett – there’s the long dresser with mirror priced $145; tall chest of drawers for $125 and one nightstand (alas, only one) for $35

JFC 05-15-14 058JFC 05-15-14 059

and then let’s wrap up with this sweet painted three drawer small dresser or night stand priced $65

So, on this dreary Thursday what could be more perfect than a trip to Jubilee Furniture?  Nothing!  Because I promise it will brighten your day, dear reader!  

Take care!

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