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“Good morning. Jubilee Furniture–this is Susan. May I help you?”

It was bound to happen at some point but when I saw a strange area code in the caller ID for an incoming call – I didn’t think anything of it.  These days, someone’s cell number can have a totally unfamiliar area code and they live next door.

The caller had been in the store on Saturday, was given one of our catalogs and wanted to discuss a sectional that was listed.  From there the call went something like this:

“Ummmm, we don’t have a catalog?” [yes, I said it like I wasn’t sure – don’t ask me why]

“Well, that gentleman gave me one when I was in the store on Saturday.”

“Which gentleman?”

“That nice one.”

I then proceeded to tell her how our inventory is entirely donated and it changes up fast, that we almost never have more then one of something and have never put together a catalog – though I do post photos to a blog each Friday – so I’m confused but I really want to understand and try and help and who exactly gave her the catalog and what was in it and was she sure she intended to reach Jubilee Furniture?

Yep – that was basically how it went down though with more words and run-on sentences.  Seriously, I’m not sure how long the conversation would have continued circling until I finally said,

“So, you were in Jubilee Furniture in Carol Stream, Illinois – right?”

“Oh no, your Vegas store.”

And then it hit me – there’s a Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas, Nevada!  I’ve seen it listed many times as I’ve been online.  Finally, all makes sense!

My Thursday design team has – again – made sense out of a ton of donated furniture which the warehouse guys took off the truck and dropped wherever it’s easiest!  Let’s take a look at some of the “new” things available for purchase today from 1 to 8 and tomorrow from 9 to 4:

JFC 11-02-12 001

wonderful desk (with key for locking drawers) for $75 – top needs to be refinished; ladder-back chair for $9

JFC 11-02-12 002

sofa in excellent condition priced $125

JFC 11-02-12 003JFC 11-02-12 004JFC 11-02-12 005JFC 11-02-12 006

this is a fantastic storage/work piece – I think it had wheels at one time and you could add industrial ones and it would look fabulous – there’s sun damage on one side (can you see it in the second photo, the one on the right?) and the top has a crack and needs to be refinished (or could be left looking as is and it simply looks more distressed) – priced $95

JFC 11-02-12 007

gorgeous – I am in love – red chaise – some wear on both arms but otherwise in great condition, priced $145

JFC 11-02-12 008

this sofa is 11’ 7” long and is a little lumpy/bumpy (know what I mean?) and comes with the two ottomans – priced $70

JFC 11-02-12 009

sweet black six drawer dresser priced $55

JFC 11-02-12 010

this gray loveseat folds out to be a bed (looks like an IKEA piece to me but I didn’t see a label) priced $50 (no major issues with it)

JFC 11-02-12 011

this Room and Board loveseat has major rips on both arms – BUT – the arm covers cover the rips! Otherwise in great shape – priced $85

JFC 11-02-12 012

great chair and ottoman – back cushion could use some added stuffing – priced $65

JFC 11-02-12 013JFC 11-02-12 014

here’s another Room and Board piece – this time a sofa and it’s not ripped like the loveseat – but the arm seam is coming apart and, alas, there are no arm covers.  This one also is simply more worn looking so is priced only $75

JFC 11-02-12 015JFC 11-02-12 016

wonderful rattan set – sofa w/cushion is $50; chairs are $25 each; side tables are $18 each

JFC 11-02-12 017

excellent three piece sectional – simply needs to be cleaned – priced $155

JFC 11-02-12 018

very nice two piece lighted china cabinet priced $145

JFC 11-02-12 019

great oval table (no leaves) priced $95; two chairs pulled up to it aren’t new – but have these wonderful needlepoint seat covers and are priced $85 each

JFC 11-02-12 020

fun four poster bed with metal details – queen size – priced $125 (doesn’t include mattress and box spring)

JFC 11-02-12 021

lovely round pedestal table for $55; three cane chairs are $50 for all three

JFC 11-02-12 022JFC 11-02-12 023JFC 11-02-12 024

stylist chairs – work just fine – priced $50 each (note rust on chrome bases); hair dryer for $35 (donor told me it works but I’ll run an extension cord and check it out prior to anyone buying it)

JFC 11-02-12 025JFC 11-02-12 026

not 100% perfect – but pretty close (I saw two minor dings in wood) – Room and Board wood chair frame – in an older R&B catalog this chair with cushions sells for $699 – our price (and just to be clear there are no cushions, it’s just the frame) is $145

JFC 11-02-12 027

great trestle table for $65; leather chairs are $4 each

JFC 11-02-12 028

love this “X” leg trestle drop leaf table – top has a finish on it to protect it (can’t remember what it’s called – not laminated but something like that?), priced $85

Once I explained to the caller that though we, indeed, have the same name – we’re two different furniture stores in two different states and we chuckled over the misunderstanding – she said,

“Well, I’m still glad I found you because I’ll call to have you pick up my old sofa once I buy a new one.”

“As much as my guys would probably LOVE driving to Vegas to pick up a donation – I think that’s a little far from where we are in Illinois!”

“Oh, that’s right!”

And that, dear reader, is one example why my job is never, ever, ever dull!

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