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Hot enough for you?

I’ve lived in Illinois – basically my whole life – and I don’t remember ever complaining about the heat as much as I have this summer.  We, Chicagoans, are forever comparing cold and snow horror stories– but to go on and on about how hot it is?  Sure, there have been intense heat waves in the past – but as implied in the word “wave”, they’ve been brief.

The heat even impacted my staycation last week.  I had plans to do lots of gardening as well as clean up and spray paint two metal tables I purchased from Jubilee a while ago – and I did neither.  Not to say my time off wasn’t lovely – it was – just reading/napping in the cool house lovely (a big THANK YOU to Joy for taking photos and writing the weekly update post last week!).

One of my favorite volunteers, Mary; and one of my favorite customers, Judy – both have health issues which have kept them either house-bound or carefully moving from one air-conditioned place to another – in an air-conditioned vehicle. Since Jubilee Furniture has no air-conditioning neither has been able to come into the store all summer (insert sad face here).

Thankfully, for most people the fact the store isn’t air-conditioned doesn’t impact them too much.  This is where our dim interior and lack of windows actually helps keep things cooler than the intense sun and heat of the outside.

And what might you find in our dim/windowless store this week?  So many amazing things that though I snapped 45 photos – there was still a ton of stuff un-photographed.

So, I guess you’re just going to have to come in yourself either today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4 to see it all!  But here are the photos I did take:

JFC 07-27-12 001JFC 07-27-12 004JFC 07-27-12 005

these lovely mission-style pieces are by Jonathan Louis – the sofa is priced $185; and the loveseat $145.  The third photo is of – what appears to be – permanent maker on the arm of loveseat

JFC 07-27-12 002JFC 07-27-12 003

these mission-style pieces are in excellent condition and by Shermag – the computer desk is priced $155; matching rolling file drawer for $65

JFC 07-27-12 006JFC 07-27-12 007

we received for donation a lovely set of antique walnut chairs that we decided to sell individually.  There is only one arm chair and it’s priced $45; there are five arm-less chairs and they are $30 each

JFC 07-27-12 008JFC 07-27-12 009JFC 07-27-12 010JFC 07-27-12 012

though this vintage dining set by Virtue of California needs some work (the white leather on the four director’s chairs are in need of either repairs or replacement and there are some small areas on the chrome which are beginning to rust) – it is beyond fabulous!  Priced $595

JFC 07-27-12 013JFC 07-27-12 014

totally futurist – Jetson-like – sofa/futon and chair (that has storage and also lies flat – bed for a toddler?) manufactured by istikbal.  The sofa/futon is priced $195; the chair is $135.  Some minor spot cleaning will makes these look like new!

JFC 07-27-12 015

amazing antique school table for kindergarten size children – and the legs fold up – priced $195

JFC 07-27-12 016

lovely yellow painted wicker side table for $40; Calico Corner chair for $25 (chair isn’t new this week)

JFC 07-27-12 017JFC 07-27-12 018

set of six wrought iron outdoor chairs – which we’ve also priced individually – $12 each.  Clean these up – spray paint them your favorite happy color and – BAM – you’ve got a fabulous piece!

JFC 07-27-12 019

matching chaise with cushion is priced $45

JFC 07-27-12 020JFC 07-27-12 021

this is a lovely antique white armoire (it’s missing one door pull) that offers a ton of storage in a small space – priced $145

JFC 07-27-12 022JFC 07-27-12 023

fantastic oak table (no leaves) with four chairs – chairs have pressed wood design – priced $165

JFC 07-27-12 024JFC 07-27-12 025

fun red color to these micro-suede pieces – sofa is priced $45; other piece (sofa? chaise?) is also $45 – both pieces are worn and have some stains.  Cool marble (I think) top round coffee table which is also priced $45

JFC 07-27-12 026

this is a lovely dining set of yellow-ish painted wood – there’s a pedestal table and two leaves (leaves are much darker in color than the table which must have faded over time) and six chairs (one of the arm chairs has been repaired) – priced $175

JFC 07-27-12 027JFC 07-27-12 028JFC 07-27-12 029

if not for the two issues that I’ve taken photos of – this is a really nice three piece leather sectional is a great grayish-blue color.  The worn spot is on the last seat cushion on the right side as you’re facing the sectional and the burn-looking mark is on the seat cushion on the corner piece.  Priced $65

JFC 07-27-12 030

IKEA table with four chairs priced $75

JFC 07-27-12 031JFC 07-27-12 032JFC 07-27-12 033JFC 07-27-12 034

these mahogany pieces where probably purchased in 1944 or 1945 when the donor’s father returned from serving in World War 2.  The donor told me the manufacturer was “White Mountain” – but the label just says “White” – and there’s another “White Co.” who also manufactured furniture – so I’m not sure which it is.  Regardless – these are fabulous pieces (not in perfect condition – but in good condition) the dresser with mirror is priced $185; matching chest of drawer is also $185; night stand for $40

JFC 07-27-12 035JFC 07-27-12 036

two great orange side chairs priced $45 each; lovely wood and bamboo hall or entry table priced $40

JFC 07-27-12 037

great sofa for $65

JFC 07-27-12 038JFC 07-27-12 040JFC 07-27-12 041JFC 07-27-12 042

these pieces might be my favorite from this week – they’re this fabulous greenish/yellowish color and I love the curved shape of them!  One chair is priced $60; and the other chair with ottoman is $75 (ottoman fabric is pretty ripped)

JFC 07-27-12 043JFC 07-27-12 044JFC 07-27-12 045

this is an amazing antique cupboard (open the doors and there are shelves) with two drawers at the bottom – it’s been refinished – priced $265

How have you been impacted by the heat this summer?  Are you one of the few who’s loving it?  Will we be comparing electric bills to see whose was higher after running our air conditioning from June through September 24/7?  Isn’t it incredibly unfair that some of us get red in the face, sweaty and rumpled looking as soon as we set foot outside whereas others always look cool, perspiration free and neat no matter how high the temperature gets?  What are the odds we’ll go from needing the air on to needing the heat on overnight?  Ahh, Illinois how we love to hate your weather!

And that, dear reader, is my heat/furniture story for today!

Stay cool!

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