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“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” – Mother Teresa

I was emailing with a friend this week about the importance of relationships.  Having just spent a week and about 30 hours of drive time visiting various friends and family members with the sole desire to connect, value and express love – we arrived home tired but happy.

This week I spent Monday with one of my sisters, my sister-in-law and Mom as we celebrated Mother’s Day (a day late).  My husband spent some down time during a business trip in California to visit with a friend and his new wife as well as his cousin and her family.

Yesterday my mom emailed the family that her younger brother – my wild and crazy Uncle Kirk – had died the night before after many years of poor health and illness.

Relationships provide both the greatest joy and the greatest heartbreak.  The two go hand-in-hand.  For much of my twenties I decided not to allow others to get close so as to minimize the heartbreak part.  It was lonely.

So, in my thirties I made the decision to invite people in – and rarely does a day go by that I regret that choice.

I’m always trying to connect our donors and customers with those who are impacted by their decision to donate to, or shop at, Jubilee Furniture.  Though you may never meet the individuals and families who benefit from the services and programs offered through Outreach Community Ministries – you are making a difference in their lives.  Relationships – people – are important (read one such story – Guadalupe’s – here).

Today when the store opens at 1 p.m. (until 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) you’ll find tons of fabulous furniture to possibly purchase.

Let’s take a look at some of what’s “new” at Jubilee Furniture:

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 060Asheville, NC 05-15-12 061Asheville, NC 05-15-12 062Asheville, NC 05-15-12 063

gorgeous,unique Martha Stewart Signature by Bernhardt secretary – issues with some of the wire detailing popping out of groove (see in the second photo?) – priced $295

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 064

funky retro chair – back piece needs to be reinforced, priced $30

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 065

lovely Drexel Heritage button-back sofa priced $245

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 066Asheville, NC 05-15-12 067Asheville, NC 05-15-12 069Asheville, NC 05-15-12 070

amazing dressers by White Furniture priced $275 each and there are two of them

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 071

gorgeous gray velvet sofa – needs a couple of spots cleaned but otherwise simply lovely – priced $325

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 072Asheville, NC 05-15-12 073

fantastic mission style end table $125; matching mission style coffee table is $195

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 074Asheville, NC 05-15-12 075

super wonderful orange/red retro chrome and formica kitchen table – has two table extenders that pull out on each side – priced $125; two Crate and Barrel chairs priced $40 each (retail new for $89.95)

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 076

sweet rocker priced $45

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 077

fabulous Lazboy sofa in excellent condition priced $285

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 078Asheville, NC 05-15-12 079

these mushroom colored micro-suede pieces are in great condition – the chair is priced $145 and the loveseat is $165 (only thing to note – one of the back legs on the loveseat has been replaced with one that doesn’t match the other three – not noticeable at all)

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 080

though this is a Thomasville set (table, 3 leaves and 6 chairs) – so well built – there are issues will every piece (some caning issues, missing a chair knob, all the chair seats need to be cleaned, table top needs to be refinished) – none of it’s horrible – just needs some love – priced $85 for the whole thing

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 082Asheville, NC 05-15-12 081

collectable Blues Brothers statue with CD holder in excellent condition priced $250

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 083

very nice blue leather loveseat priced $175; three black nesting tables for $45

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 084

cedar chest – very battered – priced $35

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 085

two matching blond bookcases priced $65 each

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 086

fabulous old dresser with lovely hardware priced $85

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 087Asheville, NC 05-15-12 088

incredible mahogany dresser with mirror priced $195; matching chest of drawers for $185; three drawer night stand for $95

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 089

extra-deep chest of drawers – so lots of storage – in excellent condition priced $135; matching bookcase with base with two drawers for $95

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 090

oh-so-nice white round table with pedestal – alas no leaves – priced $185

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 091

loveseat sized futon with ottoman (pull ottoman by futon to create a full? queen? sized mattress) priced $235

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 092Asheville, NC 05-15-12 093

beautiful sandalwood table with two unique chairs (can you see the chair detail?) priced $155

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 095Asheville, NC 05-15-12 096

three piece sectional – second photos shows you how fabric is worn – priced $45 (sectional also smells strongly of curry – not a bad thing if you like curry); coffee table is $30

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 097

wingback chair priced $45 and there are two of them (both priced $45 each)

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 098

very nice blue sleeper sofa for $75

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 099

lovely old buffet that’s been painted in a cool and different way (I can’t remember what that type of mottled painting is called) priced $225

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 100Asheville, NC 05-15-12 101

this might be my favorite piece this week – this is a retro METAL kitchen storage piece – dirty and there are some rust issues – but overall in excellent condition – two pieces of sliding glass over top part, small hole to thread your toaster plug through – priced $145

Asheville, NC 05-15-12 102

adjustable top, adjustable height – art/craft table priced $85

Making the connection between donating or purchasing a sofa to/from Jubilee Furniture and helping someone like Guadalupe attend college isn’t easy – I get that – but stepping back and looking at the bigger picture of how we’re all connected and then making the decision to invest your “stuff” (furniture/money) in that relationship is where true joy comes from.

Amen, dear reader?

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