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Verbal ticks and fabulous furnishings!

I was driving with a friend recently as he was telling me a story about something that had happened to him that week.  He very much wanted to get the day this event happened correct and kept backtracking – No wait, I think it was Tuesday night.  No, no, Monday evening.  Then again it WAS Tuesday because I had had tacos for lunch and that was on Tuesday! – and the whole time I sorta wanted to laugh.

Don’t get me wrong – not at him – at myself!  This is something I do all the time!  Though the actual day/time whatever I’m talking about often doesn’t matter at all to my listener – somehow it’s super important to me that I get it right – like there’s some accuracy police listening in ready to bust me!

I also find it virtually impossible to leave a one sentence voice mail message.  Seriously, I explain why I’m calling – in detail – and then often run through it a second time before I can hang up!  No wonder most people simply phone back and ask what I wanted instead of listening to my message!  Is there some kind of name for that?  Like when you check to make sure a package or envelope REALLY did go into the mailbox?

Thankfully, my many quirks aren’t as noticeable when you’re simply reading the blog.  Unless I point them out – which now that I think of it – I do often!  Oh well – they say recognizing you have a problem is the first step toward change!

Speaking of change – there’s a lot of new-to-us furniture in our inventory since last weekend!  Let’s take a look!

JFC 01-20-12 001

amazing mission-style double rocker priced $175

JFC 01-20-12 002

sweet black computer desk (drawer opens and front panel folds down for a key board) priced $65

JFC 01-20-12 003JFC 01-20-12 004JFC 01-20-12 005JFC 01-20-12 006

very dark, dark, dark brown four piece leather sectional – one piece an armless chair which could be used to make either side longer or as a separate piece – leather torn in two places – one not visible, one on one of the seat cushions – otherwise in excellent condition priced $295; leather ottoman priced $75

JFC 01-20-12 007JFC 01-20-12 008

fabulous leather chairs – badly stained – priced $45 each

JFC 01-20-12 009

bluish purple loveseat in so-so condition that opens to a bed – priced $45

JFC 01-20-12 010

great leather sofa with nail-head trim – back seat cushions were originally attached to the back part of the sofa and they have come away (ripped – but it’s not noticeable) priced $195

JFC 01-20-12 011

fabulous old teacher’s desk for $65 (not original hardware which is too bad)

JFC 01-20-12 012

wonderful IKEA Varde kitchen island/cabinets (probably technically NOT an island since there is no overhand to pull stools up to – isn’t that part of a kitchen island definition?) – drawer hardware never installed but included – tons of excellent storage and counter-top space – priced $325

JFC 01-20-12 013JFC 01-20-12 014

fabulous Guzzini rolling cart – each tier has a lift out server – priced $65

JFC 01-20-12 015

here’s another IKEA storage piece – narrower than the Varde one – but again provides excellent storage and counter-top space – priced $165

JFC 01-20-12 016

though chairs need some refinishing/cleaning – this is a very nice oak table with two leaves (when both leaves are installed – there’s a noticeable bow – some added leg support is really needed) and EIGHT chairs – all for $225

JFC 01-20-12 017

sweet wicker sofa with five throw pillows – priced $75

JFC 01-20-12 018JFC 01-20-12 019

lovely painted writing desk priced $50; matching wall hanging shelf for $20 (shelf is on it’s side on the desk – couldn’t stand it up properly without actually hanging it)

JFC 01-20-12 020

crappy photo of a very nice Lexington full or queen head board, foot board and side rails priced $125

JFC 01-20-12 021

sorta butcher-block style twin head board with foot board, side rails, and under-mattress support rails – priced $95

JFC 01-20-12 022

amazing dressing table with sweet mirror priced $125

JFC 01-20-12 023

very nice sofa priced $65

JFC 01-20-12 024JFC 01-20-12 025

Schweiger sofa for $75; matching love seat for $85 (love seat is in better condition than the sofa)

JFC 01-20-12 026

Room and Board 80” Clarke sofa in “ink” – excellent condition, no fading that I could see, really no issues at all! R & B original price $1,999 Jubilee Furniture price? $425 (that’s a little more than 78% OFF the original purchase price!)

I hope whatever snow they’re predicting doesn’t stop you from coming out to the store either today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4!

Again, drive carefully if we do get all the snow they’re predicting for the Chicagoland area and remember our hours are 1 to 8 on Friday and 9 to 4 Saturday.

Yikes – my repeating is spreading!

I know, embarrassingly corny and somewhat predictable, eh.

Take care, dear reader!

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