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Back in the Jubilee Furniture Saddle!

Hello! Though I had a wonderful vacation it's nice to be back at work! I have lots of photos to share but first want to tell you about something new I'm hoping to add to the blog - Jubilee Furniture customer inspirations! For those of you who have purchased something from Jubilee - I'm hoping you'll be willing to share with others either how the piece looks in your home or what creative thing you've done with the piece. If you would take a photo - before and after - along with a brief description of how the transformation occurred and email me at sgalbraith@outreachcommin.org, I'll share with the rest of our blog family. Even if you didn't do anything drastically different with the item you purchased from Jubilee but are willing to share how it looks in your home - that would be perfect too! I would also love to hear from anyone who has purchased multiple things from the store. So come on - email me and help inspire others with your creativity!

The following photos are a few of the new-to-us pieces from both this past week and the week before. Buckle up because there's a lot to see and we're going fast! Warning - there's a lot of love this week!

Super nice Rowe sofa for $165

coffee table with two deep drawers for some wonderful extra storage for $30

black leather poof for $20

Love, love, love this bench and might have to buy it if you don't. It's 6' long and solid and well built and it ain't going anywhere even if only one large person was sitting on one end - know what I mean? Priced $75 and there are two of them, but the second one is a little cheaper ($65) because it's missing one piece - see the missing piece in the photo below on the right?

lovely pale yellow sofa for $40

six like-new black padded folding chairs for $15 each

look at this fabulous table - don't you love the base? - priced $75

solid maple Ethan Allen chair for $30 (and there are two of 'em)

table, two leaves and six chairs for $125

table and four chairs for $95

I love the tailored style of this sofa and love seat! ServiceMaster was in yesterday and the sofa was professionally cleaned by them and I've priced it $95 - the love seat wasn't cleaned (and needs to be) so is only priced $65

this pine dresser is another piece I would buy in a heartbeat if I had somewhere to put it and it's priced $95

here's my feeble attempt to take an artsy photo (me reflected in the mirror taking a photo of the mirror - lame I know) - but this is a cool oak stand and mirror priced $50

though there is a lot of similarity between these pieces - they aren't a "matched" set - still gorgeous beyond belief though. Starting at the top left is a dresser and the top right photo shows the lovely attached mirror and they are priced $150; lower left is one of two night stands and is priced $65 (for one); lower right is an amazing chest of drawers and is priced $175 - all four pieces have glass on top to protect the surface. I truly heart them!

Oh my goodness - here is another amazingly, cool, beautiful piece - it's a retro oak buffet (can you see the raised blocks on the front of it?) and the top is damaged but otherwise it's fabulous and only priced $60

floral chair in muted fall colors for $75

I'm so sorry to keep gushing - but here's another piece I love! - over sized, wing back, plaid in wonderful colors and only priced $55!

okay here's an "interesting" set - not sure what happened to the original back pillows on the sofa in the photo to the left - but they were replaced with different pillows and then, I'm guessing, the donor put a slip-cover over the whole thing (the blue blobs on the sofa are two denim slip-covers) - the sofa is priced $12 and the love seat $30

wonderful sofa for $150

nice Pier 1 storage piece in that distressed finish for $30 (so cheap because puppy chewed on the base)

wonderful plaid sofa for $95

gorgeous pine entertainment center for $165

perfect sun room sofa for $35

nice side chair for the low, low price of $5!

this is a fabulous two piece sofa/chaise - structurally in excellent condition, no rips either - but it's white so it either needs to be cleaned or needs a slip-cover over it, priced $125

LOVE this vintage coffee table! $35

nice blue love seat for $65

beautiful three piece oak Thomasville entertainment center for $225

pine coffee table for $65

wonderful floral chair for $75

Does anyone know anything about the artist Helle Hamilton? We received two large canvas pieces - signed by Helle - but I'm having trouble determining value. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

We're at the end of this week's journey, dear reader - and I thank you for joining me on the trip! Stop in either today (Friday) from 1 to 8 or tomorrow (Saturday) from 9 to 4 and say "hi!".

Happy birthday to my sister-in-law, Debbie and my niece, Maggie!

Blessings and grace to you!
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