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Especially wonderful and unique finds at Jubilee Furniture this week!

Beware, this post is especially gushy - even for me!

What a week! Some really unusual and unique donations make for a special browsing/shopping experience at Jubilee this weekend (Friday 1 to 8 and Saturday 9 to 4).

Let me show you some of what I'm talking about. But first, a word about the original purpose of the blog.

The blog was started with the intent of giving you a glimpse of some of the "new" furniture/items which were picked up that week to help you determine if you wanted to make the time to stop in at the store. Also, our customer base was small and the blog was a tool which we thought would help broaden that base -and it has. But with that larger pool of customers - many who are not local - comes the need to establish some "rules" around shopping by phone. So, here goes.

We have had a policy of not "holding" furniture for a customer since the store opened and that policy continues. We have 14 hours (seven hours on Friday and seven on Saturday) to sell as much furniture as possible - and that's not a lot of time. Thus no holds. Once something has been purchased, the "sold" item can stay in the store for up to two weeks while you make arrangements to get it home. No problem. But no holds.

All sales are final.

Remembering all sales are final, if you want to purchase something over the phone - based on my crappy photo of the item (which is a bit iffy, if you ask me) - that's fine. However, in order to level the playing field - I will not sell something over the phone before the store opens on Friday at 1:00 p.m.

Okey dokey? Good, let's look at what's "new" at Jubilee Furniture this week!

Over the next few weeks, you'll see more pieces of art like this lion and the giraffe below. We are completing a pickup from an area donor who traveled the world collecting art and other things which struck her fancy. I have to provide the donor with a comprehensive inventory which is going to take a little time - so, I can't put everything out at once (plus we haven't finished picking the items up from her house). These two items and some of the uniquer furniture (the craved screen, blanket chest) are from the same donor. Thankfully, a licensed art appraiser assess value, so we had a base from which to determine our price. The craved lion is priced $50 and the fabric and papiermache giraffe is $25 (I'm not sure what the giraffe is made of, but that's what it feels like - it's light)

cool, retro sleeper sofa for $65 (I love the pattern!)

custom made desk with a huge matching credenza (which is something like 8 or 10 feet long) and matching wall-mount shelves all for $600. You have to see these pieces to appreciate them - the wood is amazing

I love, love, love these two twin size oak headboards - each for $75

gorgeous queen size solid brass headboard, foot board and side rails for $135

look at these two different pieces (but covered with the same material) from Room & Board which can be configured in a couple of different ways. The sofa piece is priced $150 and the chaise piece $135

Here's another Room & Board piece which is a brown/greenish suede. It's a super deep sofa or the bottom piece pulls out and it's a bed (the arm/back piece is not attached to the lower piece). Price? $195

beautiful nine drawer dresser with mirror $120

glass top table for $60; each of the leather chairs around the table are $25 (and each has a tear somewhere - this style leather chair doesn't seem to hold up well - every one we've received for donation is coming apart somewhere - yet I love the look)

like a lot of our donations, there is a story behind this amazing piece of furniture. The donor purchased three of these tables from a convent. They're huge and she simply didn't have room for all three in her home - so donated one of them. It's 11' 11" long and 27" across and priced $375

these are beautiful, classic Pennsylvania House pieces - love seat has a loose arm and is priced $145; chair $95 (and we have two chairs)

priced to sell, this love seat and sofa are a beautiful shade of blue - but, alas, very faded. Love seat $40; Sofa $50

Lazboy love seat for $150; matching sofa for $175

blanket chest for $325 (apprised for $395)

cool vintage sofa - hard to see in this photo, but I love the lines of this piece and the color - priced at $55

curio cabinet for $395

amazing craved screen for $495 (apprised for $600)

green velvet love seat for $150

beautiful (I told you there would be lots of gushy adjectives!) five piece oak wall unit $600 for all five pieces (the pieces are also prices separately - but I didn't write down the individual prices)

these two pieces look new - I swear! Room & Board chair $135; matching sofa for $225

Hope all is well with you!

Take care and God's peace be with you!
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