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My Faux Cupcake Giveaway Soon

Don't laugh now, but this is my first little shabby cupcake painting. It will be given away when the total of visitors/views reaches the 25,000 mark. I thought we should celebrate that. Notice I didn't put cherries on top; I put little roses........yeah, yeah, I know, I'm using that term very loosely!! But to be an equal opportunity cupcake painter, there's one in blue, pink and yellow. Now, don't get tooooo excited about this, chicks. Remember, this is my first one. The frame is included but there isn't a hanger on the back. You can, however, hang it on a nail because there is a wide lip back there. The canvas it is on doesn't seem to be a normal size so it just fits in there........precariously. Hey, it's free; what do ya want.....Monet. Oh, I know! I'll be called "Grandma Chickadee." If you haven't read my Profile page then you won't know I'm a wanna-be-rose-painter. I've flunked but I forge ahead. :-) Maybe next one will be roses in some fashion.
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