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My Daughter's Shower!!!!!

About a year ago I decided to add some "pretty pictures" to my bathroom. I couldn't find the shabby chic border I wanted so I improvised. I emailed and received permission from a well known artist, who paints fantastic roses, to copy her art onto some card stock and use as a "border" in my bathroom. I didn't want to buy frames and put up pictures - way to expensive these days - so I just used that "Fun Tack" and put them up there with no frames. It turned out really well until my daughter came to visit. ;-)

She and her hubby came for a couple of days. She was cold and decided to take a hot shower in the guest bathroom. Well, when I went in there afterwards the cards were either off the wall on the floor or countertop or the ink had run on the card distorting some beyond salvation! Well, I told daughter about it but it wasn't a big deal so I removed them.

Then I found a pink toile border that was very inexpensive and looked like it was a Waverly so I grabbed it up from the internet. (Hah.....Let's see her steam that off the wall!!) Jack and I put it up last week but I still had some of those pretty cards left over and I loved them so I stuck them back up with some more "Fun Tack" - easy to use and removes without a trace of it on the walls.

This is the end result for those who may want to do it also. It really is a cheap and pretty way to decorate the bathroom.

Oh, and ignore the shadows on the photos. I'm not taking the pictures over again!!!
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