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Luscious Cakes & Yummy Kisses!

I made this little petal cake because it is so stunning when put on a coffee table on a gorgeous cake stand. I found that cake stand recently at a boutique for $10.00!! What a deal. Now, I couldn't pass it up, could I? But I've given much thought as to what I'd put on it. Then a friend gave me a wonderful idea. I'm making some more today along with some more birdhouses covered with fabric until I learn how to paint properly.

When Holly posted those tiny baby feet it made me smile because I love babies - ALL parts of them: feet, fingers, tummies, bottoms, but especially their little cheeks and lips. You can kiss those little lips and there's nothing they can do about it! I remember kissing my own kids little puckery lips as babies. As a matter of fact, I still kiss my kids and grandkids on the lips. Kids are 45 and 44 yrs. old and grandkids are 27 to 9 1/2 yrs old. See, they're never too old or too young to kiss those little lips/faces off!!

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