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Ooooohhh, my!!

Shoe shopping ain't what it used to be!! We looked all over the mall today for Jack some new black loafers. Not a pair to be found in his size. As we walked past the women's shoes I just kept walking. This was his day and I just couldn't buy for me. That happened one time when we went car shopping for him. I ended up with the new car! He related the story to someone at work and even before he got to the "punch line" the guy told Jack: "So your wife ended up with the new car, right?" So funny. He just said, "Yeah, she did." He loves me!!

But talk about getting your knickers in a twist?!?! After I showered I was trying to dress and put one leg in my undies and they got twisted and somehow I put my other leg in upside down and has a time trying to get in properly!! Gee, at my age you'd think I could put on my undies properly or is this the 2nd childhood they always told us about?!?!
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