Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, October 30, 2014

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So, first my weekly progress report on the build out. Doesn’t look too different from last week – but the construction equipment has been removed and some electrical stuff has been done. The corner where there’s no concert block will be window (as well as the openings in the walls).  Part of this space will be warehouse and you can (faintly) see where a opening has been cut in the old wall (towards the back of the fourth photo) to connect it to our existing space. Can’t wait until this space is complete!

Last week I had over 70 photos to share – this week over 90! I’m worried it’s too many to download to the blog – so I’m going to get right to it and hope for the best (if you’re reading this before 9:00 a.m. then I succeeded! Yay!).

This first group of photos are pieces we recently picked up from the Merchandise Mart – all high end outdoor furniture (though would bring great texture into any room). Everything is from one of the showrooms – which means it’s never been used. The manufacturer has asked us not to use their name on the blog – but their label is still on all the furniture (which they’re fine with). Let’s start:

JFC 10-30-14 001JFC 10-30-14 002

gorgeous swivel rocker with cushions – priced $295

JFC 10-30-14 003JFC 10-30-14 006

remarkably comfortable side chair – priced $145

JFC 10-30-14 004JFC 10-30-14 005

another amazing swivel rocker with cushions – priced $275

JFC 10-30-14 007JFC 10-30-14 008

side table with glass top – priced $145

JFC 10-30-14 009JFC 10-30-14 010

swivel rocker with seat cushion – priced $185

JFC 10-30-14 011JFC 10-30-14 012

chair with seat cushion – priced $165

JFC 10-30-14 013JFC 10-30-14 014

another side table with glass top – priced $145; large stationary chair with cushions – priced $265

JFC 10-30-14 015JFC 10-30-14 016

cool coffee table with slated top (so rain goes through) – priced $175

Now onto other wonderful pieces!

JFC 10-30-14 017JFC 10-30-14 018JFC 10-30-14 019JFC 10-30-14 020

man-oh-man – here’s a FABULOUS retro dining set with table, one leaf (it’s upside down on the table) and four chairs (all in EXCELLENT condition) – priced $245

JFC 10-30-14 021JFC 10-30-14 022

outdoor loveseat (NOT from the Mart and not new – but still nice) priced $115

JFC 10-30-14 023JFC 10-30-14 024

there’s something about these chairs that I LOVE – there are actually three of them and they need some touch-up on the wood and some cleaning overall – but, come one! – look at the shape! Priced $65 each

JFC 10-30-14 025JFC 10-30-14 026

Room & Board sleeper sofa – priced $125; matching loveseat is $95 – both pieces need to be professionally cleaned (in my opinion) and the seat and back cushions on the sleeper sofa are lighter than the body of the piece (like they were laundered and came out lighter)

JFC 10-30-14 027JFC 10-30-14 028

I actually helped with this donation pickup yesterday and the donor had this two piece sofa separated with a corner table between (they were at right angles to each other) – but if you have a large enough space – having them together like this is also an option. You’ll probably want to replace the inside cushions of the seat cushions (they’re “crunchy” right now though not too bad to sit on) – priced $85 for both pieces

JFC 10-30-14 029JFC 10-30-14 030

lovely muted floral loveseat with wood trim – priced $125

JFC 10-30-14 031JFC 10-30-14 032

nice round side table with leather insert top – priced $55

JFC 10-30-14 033JFC 10-30-14 034

I love, love, love this John A. Colby & Sons retro side chair in EXCELLENT condition – priced $75

JFC 10-30-14 043JFC 10-30-14 044JFC 10-30-14 045JFC 10-30-14 046JFC 10-30-14 047JFC 10-30-14 048JFC 10-30-14 049JFC 10-30-14 050JFC 10-30-14 051JFC 10-30-14 052

okay – bear with me there’s a lot to share here. This dining set is from the Treasure House of Colonial Manufacturing Company - Zeeland, Mich. and it’s in pristine condition. Set includes: table with THREE leaves (in protective bags and not shown in any of these photos), six chairs (two with arms) and table pads (including pads for the leaves) all for $445; matching ONE PIECE china cabinet (and it’s long and large) for $195; buffet for $135. Truly all are in excellent condition – there’s some cracking on the seat material (it might be leather) that actually looks like it was meant to be that way. LOVE!

JFC 10-30-14 053JFC 10-30-14 054

two oh-so-sweet French Empire style chairs – priced $155 for the set

JFC 10-30-14 055JFC 10-30-14 056

cool gold patterned retro side chair for $85

JFC 10-30-14 057JFC 10-30-14 058JFC 10-30-14 059JFC 10-30-14 060

nice French Provincial style loveseat for $135; matching sofa for $155; and chair for $75. Overall in good condition

JFC 10-30-14 061JFC 10-30-14 062

very nice marble top entry table for $115; side table/cabinet with marble insert also for $115

JFC 10-30-14 063JFC 10-30-14 064

three piece (notice one end is armless) Room & Board sectional priced $235. Overall, in good condition but this piece too I think needs to be professionally cleaned (probably a rent-a-machine type thing wouldn’t do the trick)

JFC 10-30-14 066JFC 10-30-14 067JFC 10-30-14 069JFC 10-30-14 068

this is a gorgeous, rosewood, carved four panel screen that the donor told me came from India – beautiful front and back! Priced $215

JFC 10-30-14 070JFC 10-30-14 071

I know this Howard Miller clock has been hanging here for several weeks but it chimed the hour while I was there last night and was so lovely I took a picture and decided to share (in case you’re in the market). It’s priced $900

JFC 10-30-14 073JFC 10-30-14 075

and here my friends is the deal of the day! These six shield back chairs (two with arms) are priced $60 for the set (yep, that’s $10 a chair). Granted, they need some work in the seat department but otherwise they seem solid and the wood is in fairly good shape

JFC 10-30-14 076JFC 10-30-14 077JFC 10-30-14 078JFC 10-30-14 079

so neat! Red cedar lined chest – love the rustic hinges and lock (the key’s attached to the inside of the top of the piece) – priced $185

JFC 10-30-14 080JFC 10-30-14 081JFC 10-30-14 082JFC 10-30-14 083

at first glance this three piece black leather sectional is a stunner! Alas, some of the leather is rubbing off. Still an excellent priced at $385

JFC 10-30-14 084JFC 10-30-14 085JFC 10-30-14 086JFC 10-30-14 088

Ethan Allen solid maple and birch student desk for $85; matching dresser w/hutch for $115 (both in excellent condition – have you noticed I’ve said that a lot this week? Really amazing donations!)

JFC 10-30-14 089JFC 10-30-14 090JFC 10-30-14 091JFC 10-30-14 092

fabulous Toms Price leather recliner with beautiful nail-head trim. Donor told me this recliner retailed for $1,300. Alas, there are two rips in the leather at the head rest area – so our price is $75

JFC 10-30-14 093JFC 10-30-14 094

fantastic full-size brass head board and foot board – priced $395

JFC 10-30-14 095JFC 10-30-14 096

stately queen-size tall wooden head board for $105 (it looks like it should have lights under that top piece but I didn’t check so I’m not sure if it does or not – sorry!)

JFC 10-30-14 097JFC 10-30-14 098

very nice Pottery Barn computer desk with pull out laptop or keyboard drawer – priced $165 (for a younger person, I couldn’t fit my legs under the keyboard drawer). Love the industrial look!

That’s all for this week, dear reader! Blessings!

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