Jubilee Furniture weekly update for Friday, June 28, 2013

As much as I’d like to credit planning, keen thought and a business savvy to rival Bill Gates – the truth is the showroom at Jubilee Furniture has evolved into what it is today in a rather organic, serendipity sorta way.  Kinda like this:

Amazing Volunteer – “Hey Susan – the couple of vignettes we have up front sure look good and we seem to sell the furniture we stage that way faster.  Have you noticed?”

Me – “Yes and I agree.”

AV – “What if we staged more furniture in vignettes?”

Me – “Sounds like a plan.”

Thus we’d slap down an area rug, arrange furniture on it and – in this manner – slowly turned most of the store into fun little vignettes and a 30,000 square foot furniture lovers dream became reality.

Unfortunately, it’s a nightmare for anyone actually moving the furniture.  Any aisles are accidently at best and often impossible to navigate.  To move something a customer has purchased might mean first moving three other pieces of furniture.  Warehouse frustration abounded and – occasionally – I even heard a naughty word or two uttered (the horror!).

With the hopes of saving innocent ears within hearing of Jubilee Furniture – this morning the football team from Glenbard West High School will be moving our vignettes into a grid system that Dan Snyder (Jubilee Furniture Warehouse Manager) has been working on for weeks.

So, what might the store look like when you come in today from 1 to 8 or tomorrow from 9 to 4?  God only knows!  But our goal is to make it easier to wander through without fear of becoming lost and dehydrated!

What follows are photos of some of what was donated this week:

JFC 06-28-13 001

micro-suede sofa in good condition priced $65

JFC 06-28-13 002JFC 06-28-13 003

cool black dresser priced $75; art deco pleather and black metal chair for $30

JFC 06-28-13 004

slip-covered sofa – slip-covers need to be cleaned – priced $65

JFC 06-28-13 005JFC 06-28-13 006

purple sofa – issues where the piping is ripped – priced $20; matching purple chair (actually in better condition than the sofa) for $25

JFC 06-28-13 007

nice six drawer dresser priced $80

JFC 06-28-13 008

lovely pale yellow loveseat for $85

JFC 06-28-13 009JFC 06-28-13 010

wonderful muted colors on this Room & Board chair and ottoman in great condition – priced $195 for both pieces

JFC 06-28-13 011JFC 06-28-13 012JFC 06-28-13 013

this is a fabulous cast aluminum outdoor patio set which includes: stone top table, two swivel rockers and two ottoman and cushions – priced $245 for the set

JFC 06-28-13 014

fun and funky futon – needs to be cleaned and somewhat faded – priced $85

JFC 06-28-13 015JFC 06-28-13 016

lovely Broyhill floral sofa for $95; matching push-back recliner for $50

JFC 06-28-13 017JFC 06-28-13 018

we received three of these fabulous solid wood tables from an area business this week.  They are gorgeous!  Need a little cleaning/re-staining – but otherwise massive 3’ x 6’ tables.  Priced $95 each

JFC 06-28-13 019JFC 06-28-13 020

lovely clothing armoire (shelves behind doors) priced $135; matching cedar bottom trunk for $95

JFC 06-28-13 021JFC 06-28-13 022

this is a two piece Hooker brand desk with lighted hutch (missing one knob) in great condition priced $125

JFC 06-28-13 023JFC 06-28-13 024

six gorgeous dining room chairs (two with arms and four without) in a great tan check – I saw one or two spots that need cleaning otherwise really in excellent condition – selling all six chairs for $220

JFC 06-28-13 025JFC 06-28-13 026

my camera’s losing it – first photo is a more accurate depiction of the fun yellow color of this very comfortable Lane recliner – priced $150

JFC 06-28-13 027

adjustable top drafting table – I believe donor used it as a craft table – top sits at bar height – priced $60

JFC 06-28-13 028JFC 06-28-13 029JFC 06-28-13 030JFC 06-28-13 031

this is quite a set – all solid wood frames/arms – sofa is priced $50; four captain’s chairs are $80 for all four; small wooden pedestal side table is $30; matching loveseat is $30; recliner for $20

JFC 06-28-13 032

this is a very nice gray? tan? greenish gray? (oh how I hate the lighting in our store – if you’re interested feel free to take a cushion out into the sunlight to see the REAL color of this sofa) priced $95

JFC 06-28-13 033

Flexsteel chair for $55

JFC 06-28-13 034

swivel rocker/recliner for $85

JFC 06-28-13 035

fabulous plaid wingback for $85 (crayon marks on one side of the seat cushion)

JFC 06-28-13 036

cream colored sleeper sofa for $80

JFC 06-28-13 037

sweet Sealy loveseat priced $95

JFC 06-28-13 038JFC 06-28-13 039

two blue wingback chair – I thought they were matching but they don’t look like it in my photos so I’m now second guessing myself – priced $65 each

JFC 06-28-13 040

wonderful bookcases – $75 each

JFC 06-28-13 041

Ethan Allen side chairs (note the wonderful pineapples on the back of each chair ) in excellent condition priced $65 each

In the name of full disclosure – I have to confess I’ve given poor Dan a lot of push back about rearranging the entire showroom.  I just don’t think 30 football players can get it done in 2 1/2 hours –and they probably won’t – but Dan pointed out it will be an excellent first step toward making it much easier to move furniture in the showroom.  And he’s right.

Since moving furniture – and helping area kids and families through the programs and services at Outreach Community Ministries, dear reader – is what we’re all about at Jubilee!

Oh – please note, we WILL BE OPEN Friday, July 5th (from 1 to 8) and Saturday, July 6th (from 9  to 4) so plan your 4th celebration with that in mind!

A Woman's Decision

Beginning with today's post, I'm taking a break. There are a lot of things going on in my life, just like all of you. It may be a week, two weeks or a month. We'll see what happens. I just need to get some things done I've been putting off for a long time. But I truly thank all of you who follow and/or read my blog.

Several weeks ago, we all read about Angelina Jolie having her breasts removed. I'm not fond of her, but I salute her decision to take a very pro-active stance on her body. I'd do the same thing. In fact, I did many years ago.

I'll not go into the details as it's very personal and it wasn't cancer but I made a decision for health reasons and would do it again in a heartbeat. Breasts are not the be all/end all to some women or men. I doubt seriously that many men, and I do mean men, not the narcissistic idiots that come out of Hollywood, marry women for their breasts. I know my hubby didn't. I've talked on this matter before on one of my blog posts. Some women are identified by their chests; I'm not one of them. Be happy with what you have. There are health risks to women with larger breasts. There are also other considerations with that also. I chose to do what I did and was extremely happy with the results.

But I'm glad it was brought to the forefront for women. Don't be afraid to take a pro-active stand on your health matters. Listen to your doctor but make your own decision. He'll inform you but he shouldn't be the one to make a decision for your own body. I'm certainly glad Miss Jolie did what she did so she wouldn't leave her children without a mother. Children need their mothers as much as they need their fathers. Wise decision, in my opinion.

A very colorful entrance to an adorable place somewhere in Europe. France and Italy are pretty similar in their homes, all very lovely and fascinating architecture. This is a darling place though.

I love gorgeous arrays of pillows as art. I'm thinking of having Love Bunny make me shelves for the family room to display pillows I've made. I need to make more room in my office, where most of them are stored, and in my craft room. I'll be cleaning that out soon. Yeah, yeah, I know, you're heard that before, but this time I mean it as it's getting seriously trashed in there.

Another exceptional place for an al fresco dinner.

A stunning bunch of lavender. I'm not fond of the smell but its medicinal value is wonderful for burns.

An array of vintage hats. How wonderful that this owner was able to get so many with flowers on them.

I'd love to have this small vase. I know exactly where I'd use it.

I love impatiens for their strikingly vivid colors.

Don't we all wish we could create a cute vignette like this? I'd just love to have that old ice cream parlor chair!

Looks like British Colonial decor to me.

Just a bit of lace juxtaposed with peeling windows.

A place to sit and dream while surrounded with gorgeous roses.

These are French-enameled measuring cups. Cute!!!

A beachy-type decor. I do love the colors.

I just loved the stairs in this old home. I doubt I'd ever feel safe going up and down on them. I need a handrail as I'm a klutz, but I love the look. The stone fireplace is also a plus in this house.

A way to decorate a canning car. Just put earrings on it and it's an instant vase.


The Houses of Parliament have nearly 1,200 rooms, 100 staircases, 11 courtyards, 8 bars, and 6 restaurants—none of them open to the public.
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