Jubilee Furniture Weekly Post for Friday, November 29, 2013


Still feeling the after effects of too much Thanksgiving dinner?  I have the perfect antidote!  A walk through Jubilee Furniture’s 30,000 square feet of fantastic used furniture!

We’re open our normal hours which are Fridays from 1 to 8 and Saturdays from 9 to 4 and would love to have you stop by!  The following photos are just SOME of what you’ll find:

JFC 11-29-13 001JFC 11-29-13 002

muted green sofa with lovely contrasting trim – priced $75

JFC 11-29-13 003JFC 11-29-13 004

fun curvy sofa – some wear on fabric – priced $65

JFC 11-29-13 005JFC 11-29-13 006

gorgeous glass top table with black wrought iron base – priced $295

JFC 11-29-13 007JFC 11-29-13 008

wonderful leather ottoman that opens to provide storage! Priced $65

JFC 11-29-13 009JFC 11-29-13 010

this is an amazing sofa – a couple of minor issue (several of the buttons on the seat cushion have come undone and some material along the back needs to be re-stapled to frame) – priced $165

JFC 11-29-13 011JFC 11-29-13 012

lovely three drawer dresser for $40; matching desk for $35

JFC 11-29-13 013JFC 11-29-13 014

two identical Camden Collection sofas – both in good condition – priced $95 each

JFC 11-29-13 015JFC 11-29-13 016

twin over twin bunk beds – with ladder – priced $145

JFC 11-29-13 017JFC 11-29-13 018

two identical 6’ long sofa – some wear and a spot or two – priced $40 each

JFC 11-29-13 019JFC 11-29-13 020

fabulous plaid two piece Bassett sectional – one piece is a sleeper – priced $275

JFC 11-29-13 021JFC 11-29-13 022

oval glass and brass entry or sofa table priced $75

JFC 11-29-13 023JFC 11-29-13 024

this Room & Board sofa is in excellent condition – except the seat cushions need to be laundered and, I believe, they are machine washable – priced $95

JFC 11-29-13 025JFC 11-29-13 026

fabulous McCreary three piece sectional – needs to be professionally cleaned which should get rid of the pet hair (and the general dirt) – priced $45

JFC 11-29-13 027JFC 11-29-13 028

Plunkett sofa – overall in excellent condition but the fabric is dated – priced $45

JFC 11-29-13 029JFC 11-29-13 030

two matching Lazboy sofas – both ends recline – also needs to be professionally cleaned – priced $30 each

JFC 11-29-13 031JFC 11-29-13 032

The Davis Co. brand table, 2 leaves and 4 chair – all for $135

JFC 11-29-13 033JFC 11-29-13 034

oak barrister bookcase – one door needs some minor repairs – priced $175

JFC 11-29-13 035JFC 11-29-13 036

three nesting tables – tops need to be refinished – priced $40

JFC 11-29-13 037JFC 11-29-13 038

wonderful clothing armoire – priced $70

JFC 11-29-13 039JFC 11-29-13 040

two white metal swivel stools – both in great condition – priced $95 for the pair

And that, dear reader, is this week’s installment of “What’s New at Jubilee Furniture?”.  Bye!

What I've Been Making

My granddaughter, her hubby and their girls are here visiting. Of course you know they're the cutest great grandgirls in th' world, right? ;-) But I've been busy just getting things ready for their arrival and departure. I've been de-stashing this house as you may know and a lot of it is going to their new home in Woodinville, Wa.

I've been collecting some Fancy Nancy books for Caroline. Also, I've pulled down from the plant ledge over my kitchen the little cute houses I collected for several years. They are really cutesy so the girls will get 4 each for their bedrooms. The little "C" below also goes to Caroline. Someone from a group I was in many years ago gave it to me and I've had it perched on the top of the archway going from our living room to our dining room. It's time to give it up also.

Then I decided I wanted a pillow for my new living room chair. You'll see it below. I have a lot of that drop cloth left over from other things I've done so I went with that for the pillow.

I have a back pillow for another living room chair but I didn't especially like it so I unzipped it and used the insides for the new pillow, not realizing that the pillow was feathers. When I opened up the covering, I noticed a color beneath the thick fabric and thought it was kapok or shredded foam. It was feathers so I knew I'd have feathers all over the sewing/craft room. I took out about 1/4 to 1/3 of them, sewed it back up and saved the extra feathers in a bag to use some other time. But drop cloths being a very loose weave I have to sew around all the edges to secure them from unraveling. When I finished stuffing the feathers in and was sewing the opening closed I noticed a few areas on the ruffle that could unravel at some point. I simply ran around the ruffle edge with a "sealing" decorative stitch. See the photo below where I show it up close and what it looks like.

These are all the little houses.

This is a closeup on the left.

And this is a closeup on the right. I think th' girls will love them. Caroline is at the age where she wants "glam" everywhere. Can you hear me squealing?! Yessss, I have a froufrou great granddaughter with curly BIG hair!!! I can hardly contain myself.

This is the chair the aforementioned pillow now resides on. I love the look.

A bit different shot.

I attached a pretty ribbon flower on it.

This is our last initial so it's appropriate.

Here is the decorative stitch I mentioned above.

Does it seem like I'm fixated on the laundry room right now? I love my laundry room and it is unique. Not large at all but very accommodating for the two of us. It's a walk-through room to our garage so you know what I mean. I made it pizzazzy!

This is my second all time favorite painting by Susan Rios. I love her art. I discovered it back in the 80s in California. I saw the lithograph in Martin Lawrence gallery in San Jose and immediately bought it. I think at that time it was $500 but well worth it to me. Another lithograph hangs in my living room and that is one of three of my all-time favorites of here. I have small paintings of hers on my living room wall also. They're prints on canvas actually, a very affordable way to have some of your favorites if you can't afford the originals. I can't! They go for tens of thousands of dollars. That's not in my budget, trust me.

I adore these little Green Gate tins. I'd love to have them but I'm just not going to spend the money or shipping charges from Denmark.

Isn't this fireplace screen gorgeous? This mosaic artist has a good eye for detail. Gorgeous!

I love cute mugs but since we don't drink coffee it would be a waste to have too many. Hubby drinks a cup of hot chocolate every night; I drink one every once in a while.

Beautiful and colorful flowers.

No, this is not my bathroom, but it's definitely gorgeous and I'd love to have it.
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