Jubilee Furniture weekly update for Friday, August 30, 2013

This is the first fall since 1994 that I haven’t had a child starting school – and though I don’t miss the expense associated with educating my kids – I do miss the excitement and possibilities that come with a new grade, new teacher and all the new learning that will occur (hopefully).

I would come home from parent curriculum night positively bubbling over with how wonderful the school year sounded.  “You spend a WHOLE semester learning about World War II!  You know your grandmother was alive during that war and could tell you about her experiences!”

Now I find myself smiling at harried parents with a cart full of notebooks, sharpened pencils and mandatory boxes of tissues as they – and their third grader –carefully study the supply list and search for the correct color markers.

Similarly, I’m very much enjoying the college students – some with their parents, some their new roommates – who come into Jubilee Furniture looking for inexpensive furniture to finish decorating their dorm room or student apartment.

And what a selection we currently have!  One of my volunteers counted our current inventory of sofas, sectionals and loveseats and I was flabbergasted at the numbers!  Right now Jubilee Furniture has 82 sofas to choose from, 13 sectionals and 25 loveseats!

What follows are photos of SOME of that inventory:

JFC 08-30-13 001JFC 08-30-13 002

this vintage blue/green sofa is totally fun though a little lumpy – priced $65

JFC 08-30-13 003JFC 08-30-13 004

gorgeous pale yellow sofa with beautiful craved wood trim – priced $195

JFC 08-30-13 005JFC 08-30-13 006

excellent condition slipper chair priced $135

JFC 08-30-13 007JFC 08-30-13 008

this Room & Board sofa – part of their Reese collection (85” long) in “spice” is a showroom sample – some minor wear and a few spots – retails for $1,499 – our price is $675

JFC 08-30-13 009JFC 08-30-13 010

fabulous pink sofa – one small rip under one of the arm protectors – priced $95

JFC 08-30-13 011JFC 08-30-13 012

wingback chair – some fading and a couple of small rips on the arms – priced $35

JFC 08-30-13 013JFC 08-30-13 014JFC 08-30-13 015JFC 08-30-13 016

three piece sectional with ottoman – a number of stains and the fabric is worn but otherwise structurally in great shape – priced $95

JFC 08-30-13 017JFC 08-30-13 018

so sweet – three white toddler beds – priced $40 each and the crib mattresses are $10 each

JFC 08-30-13 019JFC 08-30-13 020

amazing retro dining set by American Furniture Co. includes: table, 2 leaves, 6 chairs and table pads – all for $225

JFC 08-30-13 021JFC 08-30-13 022

sweet chaise in excellent condition priced $65

JFC 08-30-13 023JFC 08-30-13 024

fabulous retro chair – just needs to be vacuumed and cleaned a little – priced $45

JFC 08-30-13 025JFC 08-30-13 026

dust off this country style dresser and you’ll be ready to go!  Priced $60

JFC 08-30-13 027JFC 08-30-13 028

great old desk priced $80 (top needs some work)

JFC 08-30-13 029JFC 08-30-13 030JFC 08-30-13 031JFC 08-30-13 032

Heritage oval table with 2 leaves, 6 chairs and table pads (caning is ripped on one of the chairs) priced $195; matching one piece china cabinet is $145

JFC 08-30-13 033JFC 08-30-13 034JFC 08-30-13 036JFC 08-30-13 035

Ashley Furniture two piece sectional (note one small rip in second to last photo) priced $175; gorgeous white stone top pedestal table priced $60

JFC 08-30-13 037JFC 08-30-13 038

Smithe Craft sofa in great condition – priced $165

JFC 08-30-13 039JFC 08-30-13 040

two piece Bauhaus sectional in a great dark green – showing some wear – priced $135

JFC 08-30-13 041JFC 08-30-13 042

one of the most amazing leather – push back recliner (no lever, just push back to recline) we’ve ever gotten in!  Alas – note dark stain (from hair oil?  Hair product?) – priced $80

JFC 08-30-13 043JFC 08-30-13 044

so sweet green and yellow glider with glider ottoman (that also has a foot rest you can pull out) in excellent condition – priced $135

JFC 08-30-13 046JFC 08-30-13 047

narrow desk with fabulous hutch – priced $75

JFC 08-30-13 048JFC 08-30-13 049

leather insert round side table for $50

JFC 08-30-13 050JFC 08-30-13 051

Broyhill sofa in wonderful condition though dated looking – priced $60

JFC 08-30-13 052JFC 08-30-13 053

rolling tea cart priced $35

JFC 08-30-13 054JFC 08-30-13 055

neat-o rolling kitchen island with butcher block top – wheels no longer lock and it was a little hard to roll (but maybe that was just me) – priced $50

JFC 08-30-13 056JFC 08-30-13 057

another rolling kitchen cart – this one is in better shape (wheels roll and lock) and has a great handle  - also has a removable butcher block top – priced $65

JFC 08-30-13 058JFC 08-30-13 059JFC 08-30-13 060JFC 08-30-13 061

I took a bunch of photos trying to capture this gorgeous – bent glass (not sure what you call it) two piece retro china cabinet – it is missing some hardware – but otherwise is amazing!  Priced $165

JFC 08-30-13 062JFC 08-30-13 063

lovely round, tufted ottoman for $50

JFC 08-30-13 064JFC 08-30-13 065

beautiful heavy, wrought iron outdoor table priced $50

JFC 08-30-13 066JFC 08-30-13 067

I have a call into one of my go-to people for unusual vintage pieces about this adjustable back blue pleather chaise that was in a school nurse’s office (still has a school district tag on it).  It’s in excellent condition – minor fabric imperfections – I’m just not sure how to price it.  Mike, Barry, Dustin – what would you suggest?

So, if you – dear reader – see a middle-aged, curly haired woman staring longingly at you and your kids in the store school supply aisle – it’s just me wondering where the time has gone.

And, please don’t call store security – I mean no harm.

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